Everard and Geo had my YouTube channel shut down

Have you suffered an attack from Everard in real life or on the internet. This can include threats of violence, falsely accusing you of somethig to get your facebook or youtube account shut down. We want to hear your horror stories here.

Everard and Geo had my YouTube channel shut down

Postby Deb C » Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:17 am

Tonight, October 30, 2015, Everard and Geo (and probably several of their brainwashed minions/followers) had my entire YouTube channel shut down due to false complaints. My YouTube channel provided a public service to people to keep them safe from these criminals (Everard and Geo). I had hundreds of comments from people thanking me for what I was doing to help people stay safe on the internet and social media.


I would like everyone to know that Christopher Everard has nothing but disdain for his followers and friends on social media. I've seen how he reacts to them and he hates them. His followers are nothing but tools to him and a way to fund his criminal lifestyle. He laughs when he gets a private message from someone. Everard ignores people who have actual research to show him or news articles. All Chris Everard cares about is the money that he has coming in to one of his multiple PayPal accounts and bank accounts that were set up using one of his followers' addresses. Everard only cares about money coming in and nothing else. The crimes Everard is committing are these. (this is the short list of his crimes): Everard is in possession of child pornography on his computers, etc., bank fraud, tax fraud, tax evasion, wire fraud, international wire fraud (which carries a hefty 30-year prison sentence), mail fraud, cyber fraud, defamation of character, slander, cyber harassment, threats. This is just a short list of Everard's on-going crimes.

Please do not be duped by Everard just because he made a few badly done videos a few years ago. Speaking of which, where is Spiritworld Volume 3? He started taking pre-orders for this DVD exactly FOUR YEARS AGO this month and not one customer has received it.

I understand that your view of the world was shattered when you got involved with these self-professed "truth" leaders. And I understand that it was painful. But you have to realize that THAT is the intention! They shatter your view of the world only to rebuild it in THIER image. And that "image" involves you handing over your money to them. They are cult leaders and nothing more. Everard and Geo are grooming all of their little cult followers to do their bidding. They might ask you to do them a favor. They might ask you for money. But, ask yourself WHY you would do anything for a person you have NEVER met? I guarantee you that if you met them in real life you would run! They are CRIMINALS hiding in the "truth" movement and they use it as a cover for their criminal activities. They have been doing it for years.

Please learn to think for yourself and don't follow anyone. Stay safe out there. Stay safe on the internet. And, Stay away from the criminals and deviants like Christopher Everard and Chris Geo.

P.S. my YouTube videos will be back up within 24 hours on another channel.
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Re: Everard and Geo had my YouTube channel shut down

Postby Deb C » Mon Nov 02, 2015 7:36 pm

I was able to get my YouTube channel back up and running because YouTube agreed with me...again!

Just 24 hours after my channel was reinstated, Everard and Geo go on the attack...again! Typical behavior for them.

The last week has been constant harassment from these two: Christopher Everard and Geo (Cristobal Castillo)

Last week saw them hit 7 of my videos with 171, 172 and 173 "dislikes" in the span of 2 hours! There were waves of "privacy complaints" on my videos after that. Both Everard and Geo are self-professed public figures, Yet, they scream "privacy" when it suits them. I was able to get my entire channel reinstated because YouTube agreed with me. 24 hours after that there is now a new wave of complaints coming into my channel.

But before the latest complaints these criminals put in to YouTube, there was also an email from Geo to four people including me. I do not respond to criminals. My response to that email is "no response."

Everard and Geo try very hard to shut people up who tell the truth about them. Ask yourself why?
Deb C
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