Everard is claiming to be a HEALTH expert!

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Everard is claiming to be a HEALTH expert!

Postby Deb C » Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:20 am

Chris Everard is up to his email spamming once again with his latest scam of spamming your inbox with health advice to try to get you to subscribe to his channel (err, sorry, subscription website that doesn't work. See the complaints online for yourself) Everard is neither a health expert nor a health professional and he has no credentials to back up his claims in his latest email spam. Here is the email spam in its entirety. All typos, excessive use of capitalization and bad grammar are that of Everard's:

Self Massage, Yoga, Stretching in Bed to Promote weight loss, Chi gong, Exercises for strengthening Eye Muscles, Promoting faster digestion, Meditation, and many simple 'Standing Still' postures which increase stamina... These subjects and many others are covered in our new TV Series which teaches you the 'Way of Energy'.


CHI is investigated and examined in a series of ten new TV episodes which explain the simplest and most effective ways to get fit. The shows include simple exercises such as YOGA IN BED which is designed to reduce body fat, improvement in eye muscles and many other useful tips to get healthy - and stay healthy...

What if the Truth? Watch out new series and find out...

Everard is no picture of health. Have you seen him? He is overweight and looks abysmal. The photos he posts of himself on his Facebook page are at least five years old if not older. When I first heard about this email he was sending out today, I figured it would be Everard's usual diatribe about improving your health with cognac and cannabis. No, no, not this time. He is recommending exercises that only the most vulnerable, physically impaired people might do. Healthy people would do real exercise, not this! So, Everard is now trying to scam people who might not be in the best of health. This is deplorable. Everard is apparently searching for his new niche market. Please do not take medical or health advice from Everard. In my opinion, if you are concerned about your health and want to "get fit" as Everard claims these activities will do, then you need to contact a trusted physician and a physical therapist. Even a trainer at your local gym would have better advice for you than Everard would.

Please stay safe out there and don't take advice (health advice or any other advice) from Chris Everard.
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