Content of his DVD's

Have you seen something very badly researched in Chris videos or other materials. Real clangers and brain dead material can be discussed here.

Content of his DVD's

Postby Popeye » Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:07 pm

Looking at some of his so called dvd productions and books etc.

In his videos.

If you took out footage and film taken from other sources like news and documentary etc footage and photos.

What would you be left with?

Everard calls himself a film maker and says he has done it for years.

Has anyone ever seen any film footage produced by Everard himself?

That would be documentary style ro interview or filming an actual event or filming actors who have acted out a scene written and produced by him?

From what I have seen so far, how can he call himself a film maker or documentary maker.

Justs omeone who takes others footage and adds an opinion to them.

and people fall for this Junk.
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