Imaginary Proof

Have you seen something very badly researched in Chris videos or other materials. Real clangers and brain dead material can be discussed here.

Imaginary Proof

Postby Popeye » Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:37 pm

Here is Everard accusing Ian R Crane of stealing his research and pirating his video or something like that but to be honest in the video Everard looks like he is very tired, some speech seems slurred and to me his eyes look very tired.

Of course this accusation has been posted by Everard before on his site and other places.

Now here is the bad reserach.

For someone who is a legend in the film industry and investigating everything, he stands there waving a cd in front of the camera which for all we know could be blank.

If I thought someone had pirated my stuff and was selling it I would have either used a hidden camera and sent someone along to buy the item and filmed it all the way and including making the payment and opening the cd box and playing it.

Or if ordered by mail would have kept the package it was posted in as proof and a reciept of purchase. Plus a reciept if he paid by cheque or card etc.

He does none of that just waves a dvd around while looking stoned.

Yet he expects people to believe he is a serious researcher.

The video is on Youtube.
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Re: Imaginary Proof

Postby admin » Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:54 pm

It is interesting to see Everard is building upo the materials on his youtube channel whilst avoiding doing any work to fulfil the orders for finishing Spiritworld3 which has been on delay for 3 years... and he is advertising on youtube for the EnigmaTV channel when its been offline for 5 months. Clearly he wants to snare new subscribers paying money so they can get no TV and buying DVDs that he wont send out.

Clealry he is trying top use Youtube as a scam net to ensnare new victims.

I think if he is trying to sell materials and a "TV channel" on false pretences he should be reported to the UK and French authorities in trading standards as well as their Tax offices so will no doubt be interested to see records of a person running a company they have never submitted forms to them for... as i see noi way a person who plays the types of games Everard does will ever have registered for anything.
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Postby Popeye » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:18 pm

Watched this on Youtube.

Talk about talking bollocks.
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