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Re: SPIRITWORLD or lack of it

PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:39 pm
by Popeye
The non existant Spirit World 3 made Everard a lot of money.

Money that Everard laundered and hid from the UK and French tax authorities.

Gee I winder how this little fat alledged grass, police informant is managing to stay out of jail.

Re: SPIRITWORLD or lack of it

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:34 pm
by Deb C
More nonsense from Everard regarding him being "stalked" (which is hilarious considering that HE is the one who stalks people and threatens people. And he has his followers stalk people). Just today I received hateful comments on my YouTube channel right before Everard posted this one on his Facebook page. So now I know of yet ANOTHER fake YouTube channel Everard has! The timing is everything!

Also, please notice the subject matter. Everard has a disgusting fascination with this dark subject matter. (But, he has only ever mentioned children since I went public about him back in late 2012)

Here is the text from his Facebook post (also see the screen grab below):

Christopher Everard
3 hrs ·
TROLLS are STALKING ME - because I am exposing the fact that they eat 150,000+ children a year… These witch-trolls, fake pagans and satanists are extremely nervous about me at the moment and the masons and witches are sending me hate mail and spamming my clips on YouTube - but I am used to it - any one can see they are psychologically damaged and that the disappearance of so many children is on an industrial scale - just like it was back in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries… The satanist-trolls on YouTube and in the Vatican and OTO were banking on the fact that no one would believe an author like me for saying that hundreds of thousands of babies and children were eaten every day in rituals worldwide - but that's the truth - and they have placed statues all over the world as a sick joke wasting your taxes on these monstrosities which glorify their cults which have been running for thousands of years….
This subject is at the root of my film SPIRITWORLD which has caused me to travel to many countries filming for the last three years - I am also writing a new eBook with interviews from EU Parliament politicians and top police officers and MI5 - all about the missing children syndrome - it is a worldwide phenomenon - and fake Catholic Satanists are at the heart of the scandal - 4,000 babies were found in just one day in an unmarked grave in Ireland - police pretend they had no idea what was happening… I am also making new TV shows for THE ENIGMA CHANNEL, and would appreciate it if some of my FB buddies could share my posts to some Groups whilst I get on and finish my writing - thank you all for your brilliant support.

Re: SPIRITWORLD or lack of it

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:57 pm
by Deb C
As of October 2016 (next month) it will be FIVE YEARS since Christopher Everard has conned and scammed and lied to all of his customers about the non-existent DVD, Spiritworld Vol. 3. Everard started taking money as pre-orders in October 2011 for a DVD he promised to his customers in February 2012. February 2012 came and went and customers never received a DVD. All customers received was email after email of poorly-written bullshit excuses (lies) as to the whereabouts of their orders. All one needs to do is to take a look through this multi-page forum thread and see screen grabs of Everard's excuses and lies he's posted to his personal Facebook page about this non-existent DVD. And you can see how his excuses and lies, year after year, contradict himself over and over again. Judging by Everard's own contradictions and lies, one can only assume that he is either a conman with no conscience or he relies on the gullibility of all of his followers and customers...or both. This Spiritworld 3 fiasco is just ONE small example of the fraud committed by Christopher Everard. There are many other examples of fraud he has committed along with very deviant crimes. Please see other sections of this forum for more information about Everard's other deviant crimes.

This is his most current lie/excuse as of today, September 19, 2016 screen grabbed from his personal facebook page.

Re: SPIRITWORLD or lack of it

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:19 pm
by Deb C
So, FIVE YEARS after Everard started taking customers' money for a DVD that he has NEVER sent out, Everard is still lying and making excuses. Just today he posted one of these lies on his facebook page and a few days ago he was giving more excuses and lying about this nonexistent DVD.

Thanks so much to Matthew for making this video.

Re: SPIRITWORLD or lack of it

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:54 pm
by Deb C
This October will be SEVEN YEARS (yes, SEVEN YEARS) since Christopher Everard has been taking peoples' money for a DVD he still hasn't made! Just today according to the deviant criminal himself, he admits that the DVD isn't completed! Read Everard's own words for yourself. He just posted this on his Facebook page today, September 18, 2018, seven years from the time he started taking peoples' money! (screen grabs of Everard's Facebook post below)
Everard started taking peoples' money back in October of 2011 for a DVD he never intended to make! Chris Everard is a con man!

If you have ordered Everard's nonexistent DVD any time in the last SEVEN years, please contact your payment source (PayPal, credit card, debit card, etc.) and report it to them as fraud.

Everard is using the "truth" movement and his followers as a cover for his illegal and very deviant criminal activities! Please report him!

Re: SPIRITWORLD or lack of it

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:25 am
by Deb C
It's now more than SEVEN YEARS since Everard has been taking money from people for a nonexistent DVD called Spiritworld 3. He started taking money for it back in October of 2011. And he's still taking people's money for it now.

If you have been conned by Christopher Everard in any way, please report him to your credit card company, your bank, the payment gateway you used (PayPal, etc), and your local law enforcement! Everard is now claiming on his websites that ANY money you pay him for anything (DVD, subscription, etc) is a donation! This is a scam! This is just one of many scams that Everard is involved in. His list of crimes is extensive and very deviant. Do NOT send him money, do NOT give him your email, address, phone number, etc.

This was posted just 6 days ago to one Everard's Facebook pages by an upset customer saying Everard promised him EnigmaTV as a replacement for the nonexistent Spiritworld 3 DVD.