Everards long history of angry customers.

Stealing items and fraud - we want to know what you have experienced

Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Popeye » Wed May 28, 2014 11:54 pm

Everard has a long history unhappy customers who paid for goods and did not recieve them according to the posts below.

His recent posts have accused someone of stealing from him which meant his customers who paid money could not get their dvd's and books last year.

The funny thing is that people havent been getting their dvd's since at least 2006 and thats years before Everard's latest attempt at passing the blame on this person.

Or does this person that Everard is accusing have a time machine and decided to go back to 2006 and prevent those DVD's from being delivered as well.

Chris Everards long history of unhappy customers who paid for and did not get goods.

and his excuses are just getting more and more desperate.

""Originally Posted by dr_strangelove
I orderd 4 dvd's from enigma tv - secret space 1+2 and illuminati 1+2.

secret space 2 arrived after about 2 weeks.

10 WEEKS LATER ! 10 WEEKS LATER ! STILL NO SIGN OF DVDS (illuminati 1+2 and secret space 1)

does anyone else think this takes the piss ? further more there is supposed to be a free month subscription to enigma tv and guess what ? 10 weeks later nothing?

so what would any self respecting customer do in this situation ? they would probably write an email and ask where the fucking hell there dvds are at?

2 weeks later ? ? ? I have still not received a response.

now are these not the guys who tell the world how hard done by they are by people ripping of their films a seling them off for there own personal proffit ? what do they expect when it takes 10+ weeks to get a fucing dvd.

INTERSEPTION my arse the first dvd arrived ok. but as for the other 3 ? and the fact I'm being ignored ? W T F !

is this taking the piss or what ?


here is the original thread I posted on illusions,

the wonderfull wonder woman the revealed this link to me :


Originally Posted by Andrew P
Knowledge versus Integrity
— Chris Everard of EnigmaTV/ Engima Channel shows the damaging side of conspiracy theory
Andrew P—04/2006 (updated 11/03/07)

Peddlers of conspiracy theory need to move their focus inward and start developing more personal integrity. All those who teach that truth is "out there" only hinder consciousness.

The power of man's virtue should not be measured by his special efforts, but by his ordinary doings.

Blaise Pascal

Warning: I still receive a few complaints about Chris Everard and Enigma Channel, but in the interests of my own peace of mind, I am no longer post up details on this web page. My advice to you is that if you have ordered anything from Enigma Channel and not received it before the PAYPAL deadline of 45 days from payment, register a dispute. DO NOT WAIT. You can always cancel the dispute afterwards but once that 45 day period is over, PAYPAL wipe their hands of responsibility and you then have to battle the credit card companies. You have been warned!

N 14th DECEMBER LAST YEAR, I paid £54 ($90) for three copies of a UFO documentary DVD called Secret Space from a company called The Enigma Channel (or EnigmaTV). I found them through their advert on the inside front cover of that month's Nexus Magazine, and thought that the DVD would make an unusual stocking-filler. However, with the rush of the holiday season, I forgot about my order, only to remember later in January that they had never arrived. So I contacted the vendor, Chris Everard of Enigma Channel who sent back a rather cryptic: "Hello. All your DVDs have been shipped. It may be an indication that your address is receiving attention from unwanted factions. Please supply an alternative address. Our system suggests that the DVDs will all arrive with you within 3 - 4 days." I gave him an alternative address and waited a couple more weeks, and nothing turned up. I sent Everard more emails, no response. Finally I resorted to writing a complaint to the editors of Nexus Magazine and copied Everard in on the email. This triggered him into sending a single very curt email falsely asserting that they had been "DELIVERED". This was the last communication I received from Everard or Enigma Channel, despite a couple of phone messages and numerous emails both from me and a couple from the editors of Nexus Magazine.
Chris Everard had basically taken my money and run. And he wasn't about to give it back, despite pressure on him from both myself and Nexus Magazine. (Although Nexus magazine, as you will see later did not exactly pull out all the stops to help me.) Everard is a well known British UFO investigator, and so quite why a public figure with a reputation to uphold would act in such an unprofessional and dishonest way was beyond both myself and the editors of Nexus Magazine. We all just could not understand his behaviour. We certainly knew, from initial email responses, that Everard was aware of the problem 3 months before it was finally "resolved" when VISA took the money out of his hands and placed it back into my account. Justice was eventually done, but it reminded me of an important lesson: integrity is not necessarily a byproduct of the pursuit of knowledge/truth.

Christopher Everard has no doubt spent much of his life uncovering hidden truths on UFOs and government cover-ups. He is no doubt an expert in his field. But… and it is a big but… that does not imply that he has done any work on himself whatsoever in the integrity department. And by his behaviour with regards to my business dealing with him, it would seem that this is the case. The only redeeming factor is that Everard actually provides us with the perfect snapshot of what is wrong with the conspiracy/ufo facet of the New Age movement.

Marcus Allen, the UK Office administrator of Nexus Magazine, and myself had a discussion on this topic when we were deciding the next move with Everard. I remarked that I had often observed that most conspiracy (and UFO) buffs seem to be strangers to basic integrity, and Marcus agreed with this observation. He had noticed this too. In fact, I spoke to several of my friends on the spiritual path and this seems to be a common observation. It seems to hold true for all those seeking the truth "out there". For example, I remember spending a summer visiting crop circles with a leading cattle-mutilation expert, and how he would be titillated by the reaction and attention he would receive from the shocking accounts he would tell groups of people. After a while, I would leave the room before he would get going on his deliberate fear-mongering and attention seeking. I remember the angry and unbalanced behaviour of a leading American ufologist I met another year when I was out in Wiltshire scanning the skies for UFOs. Then there was the wired and unbalanced European magazine editor, the unsavoury crop circle expert and so on… Over the years I have met many of these leading "lights", and although these individuals evoke respect for what they know, very few seem to having matching levels of integrity and personal development.

I remember reading Jane Roberts books many years ago as a boy, and one phrase has always stuck in my head: "Nobody can be as cruel as a fanatic." The point that Seth was making was that the very act of fanatically pursuing a goal or outcome occludes the heart. And without the heart there is no integrity. That is why so many UFO and conspiracy addicts seem to lack heart — they are literally fanatical knowledge machines. And as a result they tend to be emotionally stagnant, as any visitor to UFO conferences can attest. Most of these men (and they are mostly men) are overgrown schoolboys — role playing and self-important — whilst the few women involved in this area are generally either enjoying the attention they get in a "boy's own" world, or are role playing the same Enid Blyton scenarios.

This observation also applies to the world of broader conspiracy. In fact, it would be true to say that most people who single-mindedly pursue knowledge or the answer to mysteries "out there" end up neglecting the more important work of building basic integrity within — which should be the foundation of any spiritual practice or pursuit of truth. Of course there are exceptions: John Mack was one example — a man who had true personal integrity — as is David Icke who, although he started over-focused on conspiracy "out there", has evolved his focus in his latest books to something far more spiritual and "inside".

This is why it is important to make a distinction between conspiracy experts and spiritual teachers (in the New Age and New Consciousness world they are often lumped together). The first category generally includes intensely curious people working from a traditional paradigm who examine extraordinary phenomena; the second category are generally people who have "looked within" and as as a consequence realized that truth ultimately lies inside, not out there in the world. As a consequence, the latter tend not to pursue outer mysteries like UFOs quite so avidly because they understand the difference between intellectual titillation and real truth which must be embodied in personal integrity. For them, the X-Files mantra "The truth is out there" is a distraction from the real work. And this is precisely why so many conspiracy and UFO experts have such problems confronting the mysteries they uncover: they are trying to squeeze them into old paradigms.

This is also why most high profile ufologists, like Chris Everard, believe that UFOs are "nuts and bolts" alien spaceships either visiting the Earth from outside or from bases inside: they do not have the imagination or wisdom to understand that the phenomenon is actually deeply rooted BOTH "out there" and "in here" — mostly in our own beings — and that that is its paradox. A few investigators like Jacque Vallee and more recently Graham Hancock (see his latest book Supernatural) and Steven Greer have had the insight to understand that the UFO phenomenon is far more intimate to us that most ufologists believe. But most hard-core ufologists are uncomfortable with this powerful subjective component of their study, preferring to focus almost exclusively on a pseudo-objectivity that they try to back up with "hard evidence" and scientific back-engineering. But the enigmatic nature of the phenomenon means that truth always seems to end up slipping through their fingers. Ufology is not a science because it has such a strong subjective component, although many aspects of it can be examined scientifically.

And this explains why conferences on UFOs and conspiracy tend to be dominated by men, in the same way that Star Trek and computer conventions are dominated by men: the "out there" scenario appeals to anybody who is not as comfortable "in here" with their feelings and emotions.

I have a friend who lives in Wiltshire, a county in England which is renowned for crop circles and UFO activity, who has seen many UFOs and strange phenomena. (We recently saw one together near London.) But she is in touch enough with her inner environment of feelings and intuition to know that paranormal phenomenon are not necessarily "out there". For example, when we occasionally walk together in this ancient county, she will tell me if we are likely to see any strange occurrences that day — she can feel it. She also believes that if we want to intentionally see a UFO then we need to mentally prepare for it. Again, truth is not out there, but ultimately anchored in being. One time, for example, she was in a busy pub when she suddenly had the feeling that a UFO was in the area and rushed out to witness a triangular shape moving across the sky. She knows that UFOs are more like an externally projected psychic phenomena that paradoxically includes some level of pseudo-objectivity. Most, however, miss this deeper perspective entirely with their insistence that "the truth is out there".

And this the main reason why the UFO phenomenon remains so enigmatic: the field of ufology is dominated by individuals who really don't have the personal development to embrace this enigmatic nature of the phenomenon, most using three-dimensional explanations for what is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. And they are doing this because of their own personal limited paradigms — they have done little inner work or otherwise they would have a deeper and more multi-dimensional vision of reality. Usually, it is only when a researcher is personally involved in the phenomenon, for example in abductions, that he starts to see the edges of "out there" and "in here" blurring.

So it is time that we stop leaving ufology and conspiracy to the "experts" as not qualified to give either an accurate or a constructive account of the phenomenon. Self-appointed experts in "truth out there" scenarios are actually a hindrance to the spiritual development of humanity because, by ignoring the inner facet of these phenomena, they reduce us to powerless victims to some external invasion or alien agenda.

The same applies to alternative media outlets such as, for example, Nexus Magazine. By presenting information in a "truth out there" paradigm, this sort of medium turns into a propaganda machine for the "we are powerless beings caught up in a huge web of conspiracy" belief. I defy anybody to read these sorts of magazine from cover to cover and feel empowered and positive — to realize some of their own divinity. Naturally, there are one or two great articles that are more spiritually focused, but on the whole this is not the case. Don't get me wrong, magazines like this are certainly FACINATING and have acted as whistle-blowers in many instances, but on the whole their energy is pretty bleak (to be fair, perhaps because the world is bleak) and getting bleaker with every passing year. This reflects the lack of heart the "truth is out there" perspective encourages.

Taking this further, It could be argued that real spiritual consciousness is the awareness that what goes on "out there" in the real world is merely a reflection of our inner world, and that true resolution of outer conflict ultimately takes place in our own minds and hearts. The inner landscape is the battle front for the problems and conspiracies facing this world, and it is here that we need to become conscious in order to be most effective at changing society's suicidal direction. So when knowledge and integrity appear to be separated, we should always choose the path of integrity, and if we do, true knowledge will be ours as well.

But those who focus primarily on knowledge, and in so doing skip integrity, only perpetuate the problems and challenges that we are currently facing. And not only that, but the lack of personal integrity means that any knowledge accumulated can not be trusted, for it is only with the full integrity of our being that we can determine deeper truths. Chris Everard, for example, knows a great deal about UFOs and conspiracy, but given the level of personal integrity he has shown in his business dealings, would you trust the knowledge that he presents in his books and films? Integrity, unfortunately, is not something you can selectively have in only one area of your life, and Everard's dishonest behaviour must in some way taint the validity of all the information he puts out.

Had the problem with Everard/The Enigma Channel occurred from an advertisement in a more spiritually focused magazine, the editorial might have taken a harder stance towards a rogue advertiser because integrity would have been a paramount issue. I am not saying that it isn't an important issue for Nexus, only that it didn't appear to be from the way this incident was handled by them. For instance, when I told the UK Office Administrator, Marcus Allen, that he should not be allowing dishonest advertisers to feature in the magazine, his reply was as follows:

"Blocking advertising is something I would consider if we received a high number of complaints. A single (as yet) unresolved order doesn't warrant such action, for me anyway."
[Remember that at this point this "as yet" unresolved order had been unresolved for nearly 3 months!!]

This was a revealing statement. It means that even though Nexus is an alternative magazine, it seems to have the same unwillingness that mainstream media does to upset major advertisers. In other words, the main criticism directed towards mainstream media — that the media content is effectively censored to suit the agenda of the advertisers — seems to apply to alternative media as well. Business is business, period. Whilst this may not be a surprise for some, it is certainly food for thought for those who, like myself, naively believed that alternative media knows better because it presents itself as more "conscious". (In fact, what most upset me about Everard's unethical behaviour was my belief that those in the "alternative world" should know better.)

I wrote back to Marcus the following:

"I completely understand although do not agree with your position that a single incident of unethical behaviour does not warrant banning an advertiser. Are you saying that if there is never resolution and Chris has effectively stolen money from me, that you will still be publishing his advertisements? Remember I ordered these DVDs coming up to 3 months ago, and it is not as if they are out of stock or anything like that."

Nexus I think realized the corner I was backing them into and this prompted the main editor, Duncan Roads, to write the following short email to Chris Everard copying me in:

Chris, I hope you are well. Please attend to this customer, I feel that they have been patient and clear with their needs and order. Duncan
[The form of this email implies that it is the first one on this issue sent by the editor, and yet he had been aware of the problem with an unethical advertiser for a couple of months as I had been copying him in all my correspondence to the Nexus UK office manager and to Everard himself.]

Everard completely ignored the editor's email and has kept up his silence ever since. In the end, this man kept my money for nearly 4 months before I managed to force the refund through VISA, and he was fully aware of my plight for 3 of those four months (I have all the emails and full headers to prove it). To be fair, in my conversation with Marcus Allen at Nexus he did speak about the possibility of sending me a single DVD from their own stock (which they sell at the back of the magazine) if the situation never got resolved. This was kind of him; however, for me having Everard effectively cheating me out of two DVDs was just as bad as him cheating me out of three — it was the principle — and anyway, by this time I did not feel that Everard had the integrity for me to take his investigative journalism seriously. Had Nexus sent out three DVD replacements immediately, I would have accepted them gladly. But Allen only spoke about this as a last resort and still made me go through the ridiculous exercise of continuing to write Everard supplicating emails to try to eke some semblance of moral behaviour from him. Both Allen and I knew, however, that Everard would not reply.

I don't know where you stand on integrity, but if I had an advertiser in this magazine who had clearly acted unethically, even just once, I would bar them from ever advertising again unless they fully resolved the issue with my customer (including an apology) and assured me that this sort of unprofessional behaviour would never reoccur. I pointed this out to the editors of Nexus in a recent email: "if it were my magazine I would have told him to resolve the issue ethically or forget about advertising again, period." I did not get any response from this, and have heard nothing from either Nexus or Everard since, but it will certainly be interesting to see where Nexus Magazine stands on issues of integrity by observing whether they allow Everard / The Enigma Channel / EnigmaTV to advertise in their pages again considering that Everard has never even apologized for his behaviour or for the fact that I was forced to get my own refund from VISA 4 months after my initial order.

In the long run, it would be nice to see more evolved individuals getting involved with conspiracy and ufology, individuals who have done the inner work and who can put forward a paradigm that is more empowering. Ideally, more women should be involved in this area, but not women who play the "boys' game" but who bring true heart wisdom and integrity into these areas of the New Age that are so counterproductive to our spiritual evolution in the way that they are currently operating. Conspiracy and ufology, in the way that they are being presented, actually act as a brake to the rest of the new consciousness movements, and given the critical situation of society today we need all the forward movement we can get! Only when we release this brake can the New Age movement live up to its true potential as a civilizing movement of true growth.

There is also a much larger perspective here: at the end of our lives, when we move on to another life either here or somewhere else, it is our integrity and not our knowledge that will determine our course in this infinite existence. So knowledge versus integrity? Integrity wins hands down.

* * *

Update 17/Apr/06: Enigma Channel / EnigmaTV is advertising again in Nexus (March issue), this time for The Solstice Earth Mysteries Camp 2006 in France. Once again we have a full complement of male speakers and the usual disempowering rhetoric. "Boys' camps" like this really do damage new consciousness by having speakers who are (probably inadvertently) putting knowledge before integrity by insisting on searching for truth "out there".
Update 01/May/06: Despite being aware since February of the unethical behaviour of one of their key advertisers — Chris Everard / Enigma Channel / EnigmaTV — the editors of Nexus Magazine still have an Enigma advert for the same DVD I tried to purchase in their May issue.

Update 23/May/06: I have been receiving spam from Enigma Channel / EnigmaTV about a new DVD they have produced. The spam had no "unsubscribe" options. I wrote an email to EnigmaTV to stop this abuse and had my email returned because I am apparently on their blocked list! lol… Can you believe that… they act in a dishonest way and they block me for pointing it out! Tried sending an email to chris@enigamtv.com which was not returned.

Update 03/Jun/06: The Enigma Channel are back advertising with a full inside front cover in Nexus Magazine. I find this sad as it appears to me, given the above, that Nexus does not care about the integrity of their advertisers. I really thought that Nexus would have more solid morals. I also received more spam from chris@enigmatv.com today about a new DVD he has produced about the anti-christ. Again, there is no unsubscribe option and when I complain my email is returned because I am on his "block list". In this email Everard says something quite revealing:

"My previous film about secret societies, called 'The Illuminati' unfortunately brought me unwanted attention from crooks/spies who edited out of my film sensitive information exposing the global network of secret societies and their links to royalty and known Satanists. These censored versions of my first film about The Illuminati were Illegally distributed in order to starve me and the producers of funds – and to confuse people who are searching for the truth."

The guy sounds seriously paranoid! And I am beginning to understand why he might have refused to send me the DVDs that I ordered… he may have believed that I was part of this conspiracy against him! I must have got caught in the crossfire (although how much of this "fire" is Everard's paranoid delusion is another matter). Would anybody in their right mind really want to see documentaries created by a man so deluded by paranoia that he suspects even his own customers are part of a conspiracy against him? I have seen this problem in others who work in the world of conspiracy but who have not developed their spiritual size. They implode. I actually feel sorry for Everard now.

Update 05/Jun/06: What a bizarre day yesterday. Chris actually wrote to me out of the blue in response to my second angry email to stop spamming me. He wrote: "You supplied three different contact addresses. We explained this confused our staff. One address was last nominated by yourself, a consignment dispatched to that address and we have no failed consignments on our system. We are not crooks. Perhaps you would like to tell us which of the three addresses you have supplied is the one which we can cross reference to your family name using the BT/192 directory?" [???] He failed to mention that I only supplied 3 addresses after I failed to receive anything at the first I gave him, and then the second I gave him a couple of months later. I wrote back pointing this out and ended: "I am also amazed that NEXUS would still allow you to advertise freely in their magazine. That, in my book, does not say much for NEXUS. You are a dishonest advertiser." Remember I had to get my own refund from VISA 4 months (!!) after placing my order.

This triggered an immediate and furious response from Duncan Roads, Editor of Nexus (the only direct communication I have received from him in this whole affair): "Back off with the cheap shot at Nexus buddy! So far you are the ONLY person with this complaint, and given the hundreds of orders he has filled for happy customers, maybe it is time we looked at YOU? [sic] We have given you assistance and have independently urged Chris to resolve the issue via several emails."

I was furious with this. Duncan and Everard were playing the same game of "blame the customer", despite being copied in on the whole correspondence. He had obviously not read any of it. Only when his precious magazine was brought into the equation did he directly email me. (The only other email I have ever received from him was a copy of the one he sent to Everard above.) I wrote back stating that his insinuating remark was illogical because it implied that the postal service was 100%, which we know it is not, and so just because I am in his eyes the "ONLY person" who did not receive my order, I must be lying. I also pointed out to him that Everard's dishonest behaviour was not in the fact that the order may have gone missing (this can happen to anybody), it was his subsequent silence and inability to send a replacement order (it costs just 70p to get a signature on delivery). I told him his assertion that I was the only one with a problem was undeniably false as even Marcus Allen at Nexus had told me that Nexus itself has waited months for DVD delivery!! I also pointed out that I had never ever received any apology from the "boys" — Everard, Duncan or Marcus — for my having to ask VISA myself for a refund 4 months after placing my order. Instead, I get a "Back off… Buddy!" from the Nexus editor and months of silence followed by weak excuses from its advertiser.

Just got a couple of emails immediately back from Duncan. He reiterated that he has no "proof" of my accusations and is "past caring at this stage" (didn't know he even cared in the first place!). I pointed out to him that the benefit of the doubt is always with the customer (even legally this would be the case). In response to my email that nobody had bothered to even apologize to me he said: "…don't hold your breath for any apologies from me, I am Australian, and we only apologise when we FEEL sorry, and not just to keep people happy." Not only did I point out to him that this was a racist comment, but that in business you do apologize to a customer even if you don't feel it — it is called customer service!

Update 20/Jun/06: In the latest issue of Nexus once again we have the huge Enigma Channel ads on the inside front cover and Duncan even reviews the very DVD I ordered back in December (remember it has taken this long to review because Marcus Allen admitted to me that Nexus' order took months to arrive). He gives a glowing report of the DVD and even ends with a "Well done, Chris Everard of Enigma TV!!". Lol… and Duncan wrote this before my altercation with him as this would have already gone to press. Just shows you how much he cares about the behaviour of his advertisers! :-) I even send an email to Everard and suggested that if he have the courage he meet me in person for 5 mins in a cafe. We both live in London and I thought if he met me he would realize what sort of person I am - most certainly not some kind of "wide-boy"! But he didn't reply.

Update 06/Jul/06: Just had an email from another gentleman who was given the same treatment as I got from Chris Everard. Here is his email: "I have read your page about your complaints about Paranoia Chris and I totally agree with you. This guy wasted my time altogether. I ordered the antichrist conspiracy dvd. He sent me an email about I need to supply him with another email address with an ISP… Ok I sent him another email acct to show I was a straight up individual. Ever since then he didn't respond to not 1 email regarding the status of my order. I was highly insulted and I took the matter to paypal. Chris had no choice but to pay me back and he also responded by stating that he doesn't need me to hassle him again. I told this nut that hey if you have the decency to answer your customers emails then we dont have to worry about charlatans like you trying to rip us off of our money. I finally received my refund today. Are you going to tell me it takes a month to send 1 dvd and to answer someone's email. He is not a professional at all. I have ordered from jordan maxwell, alex jones and etc and I never had a problem with them. Well I wish Chris can realize that his customers are not his enemies but he maybe his own worst enemy."

Update 22/Jul/06: Everard/Enigma Channel is back to spamming again, despite my emails to Everard about the fact that to make it semi-legitimate he should put an "unsubscribe" option on the spam. I have received 6 spam emails from him in the last 3 days, and this is after I asked him personally to stop sending me unsolicited email. Only two of them have an "unsubscribe" option which tells the reader "The Enigma Channel does not send spam. In fact, we hate spam," going on to say that to unsubscribe you need to send an email to remove@enigmaTV.com with the word 'REMOVE' in the subject field. The only problem is that when you send email to this 'remove' address, it is rejected by the server as an unknown recipient!! I tried it with a couple of email addresses, one I had never used with them before, to make sure I just wasn't on a mail rejection list.

Update 24/Jul/06: Received another email by someone who got appaulingly unprofessional service from Chris Everard. Will be including more details of this shortly, but I will say that it involves Everard putting forward what is very probably a fictious in-house lawyer called "Derek Chambers" in reponse to a complaint about a rude email he send the customer and then total nonsense about how his DVDs are protected by viral trojans to stop people copying them. (This technology just does not exist and would actually be illegal even if it did.)

Update 30/Jul/06: Just received emails from two further people who have had problems. The first has been waiting months for the DVD to arrive and the second has been completely ignored despite three emails.

Update 02/Aug/06: Another email came in today from someone else having problems with ordering DVDs. She complained 3 times about no order turning up, and was told to "wait a few more days" because the order was coming from "far". As a result, she went over the 45 day PayPal period, and so PayPal told her that they could do nothing. (Same scenario as myself.) Eventually she did receive one of the 2 DVDs she ordered and send 2 emails to complain that the other was missing from the order, the second that emails were ignored. She eventually received a reply saying a "tracer" had been put on the missing DVD. It also said, "If you follow our instructions, then no email will be returned undelivered." And then something extremely bazaar and in my opinion personally threatening: "Anyone who files bogus complaints with any third party will be put on a register of potential aggravators - and there are many - who invent problems in order to stop us from making the award winning films which we struggle to get into production. Kind regards THE ENIGMA CHANNEL". Is Enigma referring to PayPal as the third party? Or even this page? It is certainly intimidation whatever it is, and it is illegal if it is an attempt to prevent PayPal complaints. (Update: this customer did eventually get her second DVD, and told me that it was not worth all the trouble because the DVD turned out not to be very good. She also told me that when she did finally get through to someone at Enigma after that threatening email, they insisted that they had not communicated with her. She had to send back to them copies of emails that they had sent her to prove that this was not true!)

Update 10/Aug/06: Everard is continuing his spamming campaign with an email promoting his new Antichrist DVD. Again, no unsubscribe option and remember I have already asked him to stop spamming me months ago. Everard's hubris takes on new dimensions as he describes himself as one of the "biggest 'heavy hitters' of the Conspiracy World" and his DVD drawing "wide critical acclaim" and "gasps of dispair and awe from the fundamentalists..." lol. It is time to put EnigmaTV on my email block list!

Update 11/Aug/06: Just received an email from someone who describes Everard as a nightmare and had problems with an online video streaming account. Because he logged into his account from a different computer (yes, people do have find themselves on more than one computer in a day, believe it or not), Everard thinks he has given out his log-in details to someone else and denied further access.

Update 17/Aug/06: Someone contacted me today who bought a year's EnigmaTV subscription so that he could watch the documentaries. When payment is received via paypal a username and password are immediately generated and sent to the customer. This customer ended up waiting days for "activation". And when during this period he sent a few polite emails asking for help as the system wasn't working, he was ignored until he resorted to complaining to PayPal after which Enigma contacted him accusing him of harassment!

Update 11/Sep/06: Email from someone today who signed up to the pay-per-view service offered by EnigmaTV. The customer's credit card was charged by the activation process did not allow him/her to see the video and kept directing him/her back to the pay screen. Two emails were sent to EngimaTV about this problem — both were ignored. This person made the point that it is misleading for the EnigmaTV website to have so many raving testimonials from satisfied customers when their service is so poor. (Perhaps that is why they need to use these testimonials?)

Update 17/Sep/06: Another person has had problems receiving the DVDs they ordered. He paid for 2 copies of both DVDs, 4 in all, but only received 1 of each. Over a period of weeks he sent around 14 emails and got about the same number in response but still did not receive the other 2 DVDs. The responses were polite and included communications with a "Francesca", "Stephanie", "Cindy" as well as an email from Chris Everard himself. Some were sent from contact@antichristdvd.com, some from chris@enigamTV.com and some from orders@secretspacedvd.com. Could they all be from the same person? Some of the excuses for delay were laughable including being told that the DVDs were being "worm coded in Germany". (To remind you: there is NO SUCH THING as worm-coding… this is complete Enigma BS — ask any tech guy.) Finally, this customer emailed Duncan at Nexus to complain but, to date, he has not replied. What do you do when one of your chief advertisers acts in this way? Finally one of the missing DVDs arrived on the 20 Sept, but still one more was outstanding. Then an email arrived from Enigma saying "A message to CCNow has been sent instructing them to terminate your order." Bizarre! This also raises the question of why Enigma is now offering CCNOW payment options? They say on their site that "If you experience problems with PayPal please click here to buy using CCNow." This may just be to offer more payment choice, but it could also be a way of hedging their payment bets in case PayPal ever terminated their account due to complaints. This is pure conjecture, but is a possibility.

Update 29/Sept/06: The above customer has finally received the last DVD, so his order is now complete. But in the painful process of trying to extract what was paid for, 4 emails in total were sent to Duncan Roads, Editor of Nexus Magazine which carried the EnigmaTV ads, and copies were sent to Marcus Allen, the Nexus UK Office Admin. To date, neither of these gentleman have had the courtesy to respond, and will no doubt continue running EnigmaTV ads, putting their customers at risk of having similar experiences to those reported on this page. It does appear that we have Everard rattled a bit because he sent this customer an email that stated "I hope you can now spend some time sending emails to all the third parties which you contacted bad-mouthing THE ENGIMA CHANNEL - and apologize for the multiple emails." Can you believe that… he is asking the customer for an apology because his service was so bad that multiple emails of complaint were sent in frustration!

Update 29/Sept/06: To Everard: I know you read this, so here is my message to you: This page was put up because you tried to rip me off and responded to none of my polite emails of complaint. Since the article went up, other have contacted me who have had similar experiences dealing with you and Enigma Channel. So this is certainly not "bad-mouthing," it is called telling the truth, something that seems to challenge you (order about to arrive??? order was sent??? worm-coding???). A word of advice: don't ask your customers to apologize when they complain when you act unprofessionally and without integrity, and don't threaten customers, especially female customers, with being put on a "list of potential aggravators". You seem to be at war with your own customers. I got my money back 4 months later through VISA (no thanks to you or Nexus) and I learned something very valuable in the process: I learned the damaging side of conspiracy, and how it warps the integrity of those who indulge in it, write about it, make films about it and edit magazines about it. Conspiracy is a disease because by sensationalizing hidden dangers it actually ends up spreading fear, and fear disempowers us, helping to catalyze the very dangers conspiracy is trying to warn about. So I would like to thank you for teaching me about conspiracy, and also to ask you to conduct your business more professionally. Remember, the central rule in business is that the customer is always right. If someone orders something, send it to them quickly. If there is a delay, email them and say when they can expect their order. Just don't lie to them or ignore emails, or say that their order has been sent out when it hasn't. And whatever you do, don't insult your customers or get upset with them, even if you feel justified in doing so. Remember, they are the people you make films for! If you take my advice and start acting with integrity, pages like this one become redundant.

Update 4/Oct/06: Bought the new Oct edition of Nexus yesterday. Enigma Channel is advertising their DVDs again but this time they have the entire back cover, the entire inside cover, and a third of a page column inside. This must have cost Everard a fortune! I realize now that EngimaTV is not just a main Nexus advertiser but THE main advertiser. Couple this with this edition's editorial admission that there has been a "sharp drop" in their advertising revenue and you begin to appreciate the extent of the conflict of interest at play here, one that could shed light on Nexus' seeming reluctance to get involved with Enigma sales disputes.

Update 12/Nov/06: Thank you Andrew for pointing out that I have been a bit obsessional over Everard's unprofessional behaviour. Yes, I was at the time because I just could not believe anybody could act like that, but I have long since ceased thinking about this matter and have now stopped adding updates despite the fact that I still receive complaints, although far fewer now than I did before. I believe this web page has largely changed the way that Enigma TV conduct business (I say "largely because as I have said I do still receive a few complaints). The only time Everard crosses my mind now is when I get spammed by him or a new edition of Nexus comes out plastered with Enigma Ads. People can judge Everard's videos for themselves — I have no doubt that some of those into conspiracy will be fascinated by them — and I still think Nexus publishes some great articles. But I believe that one will see, over the coming years, that the trend will be away from conspiracy and more toward empowerment and solutions. Thank you Chris Everard, Duncan Roads and everyone else who contributed to this page. I learned a lot about the psychology of conspiracists!

## END ##

Warning: I still receive a few complaints about Chris Everard and Enigma Channel, but in the interests of my own peace of mind, I am no longer post up details on this web page. My advice to you is that if you have ordered anything from Enigma Channel and not received it before the PAYPAL deadline of 45 days from payment, register a dispute. DO NOT WAIT. You can always cancel the dispute afterwards but once that 45 day period is over, PAYPAL wipe their hands of responsibility and you then have to battle the credit card companies. You have been warned! ""
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Re: Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Deb C » Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:21 pm

Everard is getting more and more desperate. He has no love for the truth or this so-called truth movement or his customers. It's just a way for him to make money. He plans to take all the money he's conned off of all his customers and put it into a tax haven (Andorra) and then skip town. This truth movement stuff is just a front business for him. He's up to much more devious things in his private life.
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Re: Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Popeye » Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:55 am

Apparently he delivers your dvd's by bicycle, maybe crossing the atlantic by bike takes a long time ?

"How do I do it? Well, honestly, it's all been a bit of a miracle - first of all just to get the funding together to make one of my films is a minor miracle - and then we slave for hours into the night packing and delivering consignments - we actually do most of it using bicycles"

lots of posts about delays and non arrivals from 2009 http://www.davidicke.com/forum/archive/ ... 54268.html
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Re: Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Popeye » Sat Jun 07, 2014 12:24 pm

Here are some comments from people on Amazon. Product reviews.

""When the release date was changed from 21.02.12 to 22.9.12, I felt that this was a rather under hand way of gathering funds for a DVD that was clearly never going to be released on 21.2.12, as the new (2nd) release date was updated a few weeks after the original release date of 21.02.12.
As a longstanding customer of all things linked to the Enigma TV channel, I was assured that a new chapter was to be added to the DVD and accepted the reasoning and general apology sent out in their newsletters. However, it is now the 10.12.12 and I am still waiting to receive my DVD or a reply to my numerous e-mails to explain why there has been no contact or goods. I am well aware that due to back orders that there may have been a wait of several weeks for all orders to be processed and sent out close to the updated release date.
This is the single reason why I have waited so long to post a review, I am not the kind of person who gets annoyed by such things and wanted to be as fair as possible in giving the company ample time to sort out my order, and was willing to let the date change and poor level of service slide as after all a late DVD seems so petty in comparison to other issues in the world. However I feel more than a bit annoyed having had my e-mails unanswered and waiting ten months (or more) to have my order filled.""

""Wow! I thought i was probably the only one who never received my dvd after i paid for it, but it looks like there`s been many others that have been ripped off too. This chris guy is obviously dodgy. He`s now claiming, on his website, that he`s doing a movie on John Lennon`s assassination and he wants investors to help him raise money for it. Steer clear.""

""I bought the original 'Spirit World' some years ago and rather wished i had spent the money on scratch cards. Whilst having enjoyed Chris Everards other work, I found this a little far fetched.
If you are a believer without the will to question - you will love this DVD. Demonic faces in the 911 twin towers smoke and the reason church windows are pointed at the top - apparently, its so spirits can't sit on them!!!!""

""I was ripped off as hell!!! Order my copy in late 2011. Got the other product but not this dvd. Chris send out an mail telling they got infiltrated at the enigmachannel. He also said that he would send out a compensation of some sort. an extra dvd or something. Fair enough, but that was about six months ago and ive heard no thing further.""







""In the past I have always liked Chris Everards DVDs. However I ordered Spiritworld volume 3 the end of March 2012 and I have yet to see the DVD or receive any response to my request for an update on when I might receive this dvd.I am beginning to think something fishy is going on.If they would at the very least respond to my request for an update on this dvd I would not be this irritated. Not to mentionI having subscribed to his enigmatv and fyb magazine sites and having problems with those sites as well and no response to my emails inquiring how to solve the problems I am having with these sites makes me wonder if if Mr. Everard is on the level""""

""I'm also still waiting for this DVD to arrive and likely will be requesting a refund through amazon shortly."""

""I paid for this DVD in March 2012 - it was advertised to be released in preceding February 2012. It's now November 2012 and I have still not received it. This method of advertising release dates receiving payment for it then continually revising the release date is void of any regard for customer care, it is extremely frustrating and very unprofessional.""

""As longtime subscriber to FYB magazine and Enigma Channel I'm still waiting to receive CHRIS EVERARD'S SPIRITWORLD - Vol 3 . It was part of a subscribing campaign where it was advertised as a FREE gift. Now that's almost a year...""

You can read the full comments in the amazon link below

http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews ... Descending
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Re: Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Popeye » Sat Jun 07, 2014 12:37 pm

As you can see from the above comments reviews taken from Amazon.com

People were not getting their goods and not getting Spirit World 3 from the moment that Everard started taking payments for it and his release sales date that he so heavily promoted on his various websites blogs and posts on other peoples sites forums etc that this video is for sale by him.

He did get the money though and when people began to see through his excuses and lies and realise that he had their money and it looked like they had been scammed. He resorted to slandering someone else by publicising that the reason that people never got their dvd's etc is because this other person stole the dvd's etc.

He did this because he had been exposed by this other person as having recieved the money which was around 86 thousand dollars and tried to blame this other person many many months after people had allready complained that they had paid and not recieved their goods.

So not only does Everard take peoples payments he also has no guilt or conscience about scapegoating an innocent person.

Not only that, Everard has no qualms about making up lies and slander and calling people crooks and satanists etc in order to deflect attention from himself.

Everard is all talk and no substance.

He cannot back up one thing in his DVD's that he talks about.

He cannot back up one thing he promotes or product or service on his numerous websites

He cannot back up one thing he says about other people.

He makes it all up and is a liar.

Thats a fact and I have first hand experience about Everard.

https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php? ... 6144207528

Two nights ago, a man who acts as the 'secretary' for one of the major Satanic groups in the USA was an invited guest on the TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO NETWORK. There was a mix-up on start times for the broadcast and the guest was rude on-air and so I was substituted as the guest. As soon as this satanist-chap left the show, Facebook postings could be seen on his page from DEBORAH CROOK who has been very obviously been covorting with Satanic/Loony groups. Since then, this page and Facebook in general has been spammed by members of these weird groups - you'll see all kinds of fake profiles posting links to forums with fake claims about the Truth Frequency Hosts and Chris Everard and the Enigma Channel... We investigate these cults, brotherhoods and satanists live on-air nearly every week of the year and have also been making documentaries exposing these people for years... So do not be surprised about the strange posts - In fact, there seems to have been a squabble between some of these cult members & groups and you learn about Deborah Crook and her past as a counterfeiter and cult-cooky on the following link: ""
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Re: Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Deb C » Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:30 am

If you want to see the basic math on what Everard has scammed off his customers, please watch this video! And, keep in mind that this is just the money Everard conned from just ONE dvd!

Deb C
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Re: Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Popeye » Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:37 pm

Not forgetting that Everard advertises for people to pay to view his online enigmaX and other stuff which also brings him money.

Spirit World 3 is still advertised on Amazon with the release date of 22-09-12 :lol:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/CHRIS-EVERARDS- ... B006R6NCEW

Reviews all say the same thing about him.

Money sent and nothing recieved.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews ... Descending

People have complained about him for years http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12415

Here is his information about himself and quite a lot is BS.

http://wpedia.goo.ne.jp/enwiki/User:Chr ... rd-Jurquet

some quotes from the page above.

"In addition to several feature-length documentaries - Chris Everard has made nearly 300 TV shows, art films, animated featurettes and experimental films since 1987."

"Google Video and You Tube publish viewing statistics which reveal that a staggering 20,000,000 twenty million viewers have watched Chris Everard's feature-length documentaries."

"Presently, Mr Everard is preparing a strategy which shall restore "stolen" internet traffic back to his own official web portals"

"Lecturer: Visiting Lecturer on Film & Music Business Commerce at Goldsmiths College, University of London, City University & former Project Leader for the Liverpool School of the Performing Arts. Christopher Everard has also taught at the London School of Audio Engineering"

"In 2005, at the Cannes Film Festival, my feature-length documentary entitled "THE ILLUMINATI" was screened "

If people have paid for Spirit World 3 or other things from Eveard and haven't recieved them, they have lost their money if they belived the excuses and the time limit for a Paypal or other refund expired.

This looks like what has been going on.

It does look like a fraud and if a few people in the USA make a complaint of fraud against Everard to the police etc.

He will be looked at by the FBi if they think he has conned a lot of money for a number of years.
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Re: Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Popeye » Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:46 pm

http://www.federaljack.com/a-new-motion ... s-everard/

[i]""(CHRIS EVERARD) I know it’s been taking a very long time to make but my new film – SPIRITWORLD Volume III – is a complicated documentary which spans more than 6,500 years of history, and at the last minute I received reports of mysterious lights in Scandinavia and associated Paranormal Events. These lights were confirmed as leaving traces on RADAR screens.

I then received an invitation to secretly meet a TIBETAN ORACLE, so I completely scrapped the first Master Edit and took my cameras to a Tibetan Monastery and cranked up another 2,000 miles travel gathering evidence and interviews for my new film.""[/

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Everards long history of angry customers.

Postby Deb C » Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:34 pm

Everard said, "...2,000 miles travel gathering evidence and interviews for my new film" because he went to a Tibetan monastary? He's such a liar. The TIbetan monastary he's referring to is located down the road from the house he lived in in Spain. The same house that he didn't pay rent and conned the landlord! Everard is a FRAUD! He just continues to lie to his customers. It's disgusting behavior!
Deb C
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