WOW what mugs you are.

When has he told a clear lie... when has he tried to create bullshit to get away with something or sound important or more intelligent than he is... and when does he brag and say he is the biggest and the best in the world. We want your stories here.

WOW what mugs you are.

Postby Popeye » Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:34 pm

Here are two videos I found on Youtube.

One video is called "WOW! 3D Virtual Cinema - Filmed with 3D Helicopter-Drones " ...

The description says stuff like "there is a whole bunch of fresh new 3D documentaries being produced in London by the ENIGMA CHANNEL ............. made by strapping 2K Ultra DEF cameras to tiny drone helicopters.

The first time that the Inside of pyramids and cathedrals have been filmed in 3D using copter drones."

Then he writes "This is just a 60 second taster" for the Youtube video he posted.

If you Watch this 60 second taster you will not see one second of any footage made using a copter drone Inside a pyramid, cathedral or any other place. There is no footage at all in this 60 second taster. Instead it is just a 60 second advert for his Enigma channel and websites.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Is this another case of the mini drones and 3D or even 2D footage being non existent.

That no footage exists of what Everard is selling and is this another case of fraud being selling and marketing a film that does not exist?

Apart from that it's illegal to fly drones Inside Pyramids and Cathedrals for obvious reasons.

The other fact is that some Pyramids tombs etc have been closed to the public and an exact Copy of King Tutankhamon tomb has been created for tourists to visit to be able to preserve the original tomb.

No it's not because the original tomb has mystical powers and hidden messages and symbols which they have left out of the copy of the tomb which liars who call themself truth gurus will have you believe so that you send them even more money for this fiction.

Here is a report on the copy. ... y-science/

Of course a con man will con people by making the lie huge and a big con is easier to pull off than a small one.

So lets say hypothetically one can buy a cheapo mini drone helicopter these days for under a thousand dollars fitted with a hd camera and use it Inside a cathedral, church, crypt tomb and any other tourist place and make footage with just one drone.

You don't need a hundred drones when one will do but a hundred mini drones sounds bigger and better and more exciting so that way it will sucker people into believing WOW this must be a big production.

In fact you don't need one drone because with todays hd video cameras and new digital cameras you can take very impressive high quality footage and photos Inside cathedrals and pyramids anyway and capture all of the details.

I could see a drone being used to take some footage of the outside of a building church etc to get a birds eye view but not much else.

Of course the downside of anyone using a drone in that way is that they would also be spying on the other visitors and tourists to these buildings and places without their permission.

So no better than big brother.

If I was a film and news critic I would sum up Everads productions and films as very amaterish very basic, non factual made up of a lot of plagiarised film footage taken from news and other mainstream sources. Lots of photographs taken from other sources.

No reference to the original source ever given which under fair use terms is a breach of those terms as fair use also means that when using other peoples text, film footage and photos and images, you always referenc ethe original source and where you took the footage and images and text from.

So what people are buying is other peoples footage and images with some waffle by Everard filming himself thrown in with constant ads for his websites and some crappy and sometimes sinister sounding music for emotional effect.

I doubt personally that Everard travels anywhere and my theory is that all he does is Google websites for information and also a lot of newspaper articles.

The other video is called WOW! Best Video About Spirits, Ghosts, The Illuminati & Other

The description says this "" SPIRIT WORLD III cannot be uploaded to Youtube because it doesn't fit with the Youtube "Community Standard'

Really, that's nice to know. OR MAYBE THE FILM DOESNT EXIST and thats why.

Watch the Youtube video though and you have a 1minute 59 second advert for Everards basic website Enigmatv dot com where you can sign up for Everards offerings.

The website is administered by "agent" Christopher Everard

according to what is written on the site by Everard and also what else is written is that Everards Movie Cloud, Enigma pictures etc etc is a premium indexing service and registered as an online service provider under fair dealings whatever TF that means.

Also that it is wholly owned by the Enigma Foundation.

So some Q's for MR Everard would be.



and while we are at it



Feel free to provide checkable verifiable proof Mr Everard.

How many years have you been at this game and how much tax have you actually declared and paid from all of your years of taking peoples money in various ways and online and magazine advertisment sales ?

Mr Everard has some questions to answer which I doubt he ever will.
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