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When has he told a clear lie... when has he tried to create bullshit to get away with something or sound important or more intelligent than he is... and when does he brag and say he is the biggest and the best in the world. We want your stories here.

Truth Frequency Radio

Postby admin » Fri Apr 11, 2014 1:00 am

I have listened to a few appearances on Everard on Truth Frequency Radio. These people seem to either be oblivious to what type of conman Everard is or they know and just dont care. I have seen a lot of "know and just dont care" attitude from people in the crop circle research world. They can sweep any sort of misdoing of their own under the carpet with scurrulous efficiency.

The most recent show that Evevard has created is now called "THE CHRIS EVERARD SHOW" - yes he has a show in his own name... with an warped ego like his it figures!

I was tipped off by Deb that this show was a corker because it featured "Cyberstalking" and was all about people who put hateful material on the internet (could he be talking about us), and those who are psychopathic - so that must be the axe murdering Deb Cooke... I giggled at how we might be portrayed and was curious to see if he thinks he can just buff off the truth about himself with a new web of deceit.

So here are notes I make whilst listening to the show.

Chris has a guest on (Ed Opperman) who is a cyber tracker who offers email tracking services to see where emails originate from. I am immediately thinking this is all designed to make Everard sound more authoritative and that he must be a good guy as he is dealing with cybercrimes specialists like this. Well he would be trying to paint that picture wouldn't he! He is desperate right now because his little self invented world is crumbling around him - of course he needs to pretend to be on top of things with big pals.

I found it funny to hear Everard offer "free subscription" to Enigma TV - when hes been off-air for months and there is no sign of going back on air any-time soon. Still it sound great when you say "My Tv channel" even when its a sham because it only contains a few videos of you blabbing away to a camcorder. Hardly the 5000 video titles he promises - more like a dozen but come back next year you "early birds" (yes "early birds" are what Everard calls people who go to Enigma TV since Xmas to find its not working - because 4 months is errrm very early?!?) because Everard is way to busy now doing radio to run the TV station on his lonesome.

Still saying you have a TV station is not enough for the pro grade conman, he has to up the ante. He then says that "we are creating a TV documentary"... Hang on. We? More than one person. How is one person living a lonely existence in the South of France suddenly qualify as "WE"? It makes it sound like he has a team of people. He also repeats this "WE" on the website and in his videos. He uses fake names for people he claims have produced the videos with him, but dont be fooled, it's just him folks. Then there's the use of the word "TV". TV is something that is put out on mass broadcast systems and seen by millions of people. Enigma TV hardly qualifies with its meagre few videos and inability to "broadcast" (if broadcast is a suitable word for a little known web video site) probably due to him refusing to pay his internet bills I would imagine.

Everard says his new "TV" docu is called "T.W.A.T." which stands for The War Against Terror and apparently includes footage he has shot in Tipton of a fish and chip shop... blah blah blah. So he has time and money to visit the Uk to film interviews and do radio shows but can take thousands of peoples monies for Spiritworld 3 DVD which has taken 3 years and still hasn't come out despite repeated excuses from him inclusing the classic "Its ready now all I have to do is post it" - and other parp parp sounds which emanate from ones own truth gland. Seems like the chip shop interviews are way more important than fulfilling DVD orders from 3 years ago - eh Chris!?

Apparently EnigmaTv has "Freeview" accounts. He again says "we will EVENTUALLY email you" so you can get access. The use of WE again. The guy has NO staff, no friends... no helpers, no volunteers... he usually scares everyone off. There is NO freeview!

Everard then states he offers "free airtime" to people who want to send in shows. Yes free - as in he wont pay you for your show to be on "air" - which would in theory be good for him. Hey filmmakers ever heard of youtube or Vimeo. Those sites actually work! Shame there are no takers for his offers of "free air". Seems nobody can be bothered sending him shows for his little website. He is keen to say how much he helps whale and dolphin conservation on the channel. Hmmm... does that mean the advert that plays when you go on the site bcause Enigma TV has been down for minimum 4 months and thats all he has to show... that same advert. Yeah well infact the Whale and Dolphin advert is the only thing showing on EnigmaTV... so its 24/7 whale and dolphin advert. Shame nobody swings by to see the advert for a defunct non "broadcasting" website. Otherwise the advert might be useful to the whales and dolphins. This must be the advert that he says is worth 30 million pounds a year to the whale society. 30 million..... on a little website that doesn't have anything to show - no videos. Yeah im sure they are happy getting 30 million quids of freebie off you Chris. Why not tell them its 9000 million quid of freebie - it sounds even better.

Well at least we know when he makes the TWAT documentary there will be plenty of him being interviewed in it. How very apt. Yes that is a joke - but sadly the truth.

One gets the impression that a lot of the things we have ripped him a new asshole about on this forum are the very things he brings up to make himself look good over on this radio show when infact he is hiding the truth with each thing he says. I get the feeling when listening that he is trying to own the truth and he will say absolutely anything to make himself sound good. He has no shame.

Ed Opperman come on again finally. He was an interesting guest. I felt sorry for him not knowing the background of the person he was on air with. I mailed him to offer him the chance to read this website.

An advert for truth frequency radio boasted that they are for "no hype and no hate"... I was thinking... Everard only has self invented hype so that grated on me when I heard that. No hate... hmmm... well im expecting quite a bit of that to be directed at Deb C quite soon... so I listen on to the show.

I was interested to hear that Everard says he is broadcasting LIVE from London. Live is a term used in the broadcast industry to often mean - recorded LIVE and edited and played later on, so I wasn't sure if I should take that seriously. London... why would a man who lives in Southern France go to London to broadcast each week? He wont be getting paid to do it... so that's probably total guff as well. The London bit sounds impressive though doesnt it. I mean look at me... Thank god I write this forum live from the international space station orbiting planet Earth!

Everard says to Opperman.... I saw on your website... "errrm... ummm... let me find it... its kind of errrrm ummm about kind of Cyber Honeytraps".

Oh here we go... this is what the show is going to be all about... finding a way to take a pop at Deb. Im all ears at this point.

Chris clearly is just wanting this guest to give him **free** information which he hopes will help in his shutting down this forum. "5th amendment doesn't protect people from lying on forums about you does it."... Well you said it Everard. If you can prove we are lying then sure you could sue us for defamation and get this forum taken down. That would require you providing evidence we are lying and it would then go to court - at which we would present evidence that you are in fact lying and have perjured yourself by lying to the court. At this point you would go to jail for perjury . I wish very much to engage you in this. I am 100% sure Deb does too.

Chris is trying to act cool as he asks for ways to stop people on forums from writing things about them if you know exactly who they are and where they live. Ed tells him to contact the police and file reports with them and the district attorneys seeking prosecution and perhaps a restraining order. Wow Chris what a great idea. However you would have to give them facts and truth... otherwise the police wont act. One must remember though that the other party could have facts and truth on you and it could always happen that the tables get turned and the police ignore you and take the other party seriously and go after you. Now wouldn't that be funny. I wonder if something like that is already taking place... wink wink... watch this space. (Latest info is that Chris has tried to go to the police and they saw what he was trying to do and that the evidence he gave them didnt tally with the information they had so they told him to politely sling his hook... Deb will comment on this soon in detail.)

Chris says "Although I present TV shows I dont really watch TV shows that much." Really... which TV shows do you present on Chris. Which Tv channel... which station? Hmmm... or do you mean you stand infront of your own camera and upload them onto your own website. Just a polite reminder Chris... that ISNT TV!

OOOh. Honeytraps... Chris asks Ed if he has experience of people who send hundreds of pictures of persons naked which "may be from years ago" and that the "person doesn't even look like that now." What is he trying to suggest because we know the inference is that Chris is saying he has pictures of someone who has sent these to him. I would think it would be more the other way around seeing as we are only allowed to see old pics of Chris when he was thin and cut off cropped shots of his face so we can't see his bald spot. Now thats clearly a case of false advertising if ever I saw one. If I had pics of a young Evevard all naked and then saw fat old baldy Chris now.. I would feel well cheated.

I am curious who Everard is referring to and wonder if Deb would like to comment. Seeing as she is quite thin now, blonde and think looking. Did she send pictures of herself with brown hair weighing in at 28 stone and looking like a 60 year old wrinkly skinned woman. Clearly she would have Benjamin Button syndrome because I spoke to her on web-cam and she looks young and thin. So who can Everard be suggesting these pics are from. If not from Deb, is he suggesting he gets naked pictures from nubile people who then turn up to see him on his doorstep looking like a charity victim from the whale societies tanks? I wish he would just get to the fucking point and say what he means to say. Reading between these lines of his suggestions is tedious. Name names you pansy!!!

Chris is such a radio professional in one part of the show he misses the cue to get OFF AIR for an ad break and cuts cut off mid sentence because he tried to talk over the end of the music announcing the ads. A total pro?... Worth every penny they don't pay him. He even tried to sound amazed an interested at his guests revelations by using the fashionable term "Holy Guacamole". I bet girls listening everywhere fainted at the cool way he uses the modern English Language. When they came around from all their fainting they all signed up for Enigma "TV" with great haste.

Too tight to get a professional voice actor to provide him with "stings" - those little adverts for ones own show, he chooses to make these himself with some very odd accents. He pretends to be the queen, an american, a posh "Illuminati" member. He must be enjoying himself immensely putting all this time and effort into making his own jingles when Spiritworld3 has been overdue for 3 years. Sheesh. I can just see him now chuckling away in his south of France home, infront of his underpowered and overpriced Macintiosh - hearing the echo through the rooms of his own laughter at his own jokes... drinking another Cognac to erase all memory of Spiritworld3 obligations and cash he is owing people. The cold rooms the cold echoes of all the hopes of his followers that were conned out of their cash to help keep him in Southern France all on his lonesome. Perhaps it was money well spent so we in the UK dont have to suffer his presence.

Now I thought to myself its time to let his listeners know how to get the other side of the story so I visited truth frequency radio here: ... rd/page/2/
and went to all of the pages of his shows. Considering this is an "International" broadcast and is "very popular" says Chris... you would expect there to be comments left after his shows from the listeners. Well surprise surprise... Only 1 out of 9 shows pages I visited has not got any comment on it at all. My comments inviting people to come to this site are the only comments there. I left a swathe of negative comments on all his shows, every single one. Its been 2 weeks now and those comments are still there. Nobody has pulled me up for them and they havent been deleted. Yes clearly his show is "Very popular" indeed! The echoes of the show - sounding off the cold walls of the lonely guys house in France must be deafeaning.

Seems like nobody is either listening or wants to speak to you Chris. Wow... Youve heard about vanity publishing but now you've listened to vanity radio "broadcasting"... or perhaps we should call it black hole radio. Please check out the pages to prove me wrong... they were empty as of 11.4.2014 ... how-34750/ ... how-34299/ ... how-33989/ 1 comment ... how-33822/ ... how-33519/ ... how-33213/ ... how-32633/ ... how-32423/ ... how-32988/ 3 comments. Wow.

What is that saying Chris... IN THE VACUUM OF SPACE NOBODY CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM. Seems quite apt for how much chatter there is about your radio show.

Another thing I noticed about this show is how unprepared Everard seems to be. Lots of umms and ahs and asking his guest for help finding words and info. The guy has a google search engine infront of him and yet he prefers going errrm uhhh - "its on the tip of my tongue"... and the guest even gives him clues and the words he needs but Chris isnt listening by that point... and is still going UMMM... whilst we the listeners are face-palming at the dead air and yawn-able lack of intellect. I cant say I'm impressed by Chris but the guest seems really good - in fact the guest should be presenting the show because he is propping up Everard all the way.

Everard then says "We are making some TV specials for the Enigma Tv channel". Hang on... Everard says all the shows are specials. So what does he consider a special - anything he makes? Perhaps he considers himself special... like special needs... special education. I know its an awful joke... but right now I cant decide if I can even be bothered listening any more.

Oh onwards and upwards.... **presses play**

So now he is saying hes making a docu about the "Druids Bible". Yeah whatever... ALL I CAN SAY TO THIS IS... **WHERE IS SPIRITWORLD3 DVD***.... besides EnigmaTV is off air... hello earth to Evermutant... your station isn't broadcasting... off air... doesn't have shows.... so why not concentrate on making the thing "broadcast" instead of pretending you actually have a working website and "TV" empire. The more I now hear the more I'm just wondering if the guy is mentally ill?... How can he keep referring to his station when its been off air for so long. Does he think people dont know what a pratt he is sounding by making out he's broadcasting when a quick trip to the site proves he is not. Isn't it called Schizophrenia when your living in your own invented realities.

Here he goes again... the royal "WE" is hard at work on his own making these documentaries; all one of "WE"!

He then tell us this documentary is due to be broadcast on the "channel" in 2 weeks time. Lets see if it does air... lets see if the channel comes back on air even... You heard it here first folks 2 weeks time. Apparently he says that right now you can sign up for the "freeview" and click on any of the titles up there online. But its offline... so hows that possible? Am i wrong... a quick pop over to proves I am not wrong because the following text is still there: "

STOP! You’re like one of those EARLY BIRD kinda people! Our new season of TV Shows & Documentaries aren’t quite ready yet. While we get it ready, you can stroll on through & watch our trailer*."

There is clearly something wrong with Everards understanding of what online, offline, up,down, documentary... sanity and conning people. He has a very skewed view of what a broadcast should be about. How can he manage it for this radio and then pretend his web video streaming site is online. Absolutely disgraceful and peculiar behaviour worthy of inspection by an officer of the law or a psychiatrist I would suggest.

If I have missed anything on this show I will catch up later but for now... its late and this wanker has succeeded in pissing me off again with his lies and bullshit. I'm off to bed, its far more entertaining to sleep than deal with this idiot.
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Re: Truth Frequency Radio

Postby Deb C » Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:28 am

Chris Evertard doesn't pay the "Turd" Frequency for advertising and, as far as I know, the truth frequency doesn't pay Evertard! Both are complete jokes!

If there were any real listeners out there, they would question evertard on what he is saying. But, sadly, none of his gullible followers question him on anything.

The guest on this show is actually very interesting and seems very intelligent. It's just unfortunate that the guest has no idea he's being interviewed by the perpetrator of these crimes and NOT the victim. Evertard is the perpetrator of EVERY crime he mentions on that radio show. Maybe I should contact Ed.

The Enigma channel hasn't been working in many months, so for evertard to advertise this channel right in the middle of a show about cyber fraud and cyber crimes is HILARIOUS!

oh the T.W.A.T. thing LOL ... it's NOT The War Against Terror, it's The War ON Terror ... so that would make it T.W.O.T ... see, Everard can't even get the acronyms/acrostics correct LOL ... what an idiot! Where's Spiritworld 3, Chris? Did you forget about your customers AGAIN?

"Freeview" accounts on his channel?????? There's nothing FREE in this world, let alone from evertard! He's asking you to type in your email on his channel to get this so-called "free" account ...DON"T DO IT! Please DON'T do it! Stay safe out there and NEVER give your email to this man!

"No hype, no hate" ... well, well, well, there has been A LOT of hate directed at me and I've seen the false police report evertard made about me to prove it. Everard broke the law by making that false police report, by the way. More on that soon.

Everard is NOT broadcasting live from London. Everard lives just outside a little village in the South of France. He's nowhere near London, except in his little mind.

yep, here we go with the honey trap thing again. Is everard hard up for material? Any chance he has, he takes a jab at me. He's slandered me in so many ways over the course of more than a year and I have all the screen grabs to prove it.

I find it very funny that everard, who claims to be a researcher, didn't know what the 5th amendment was. That's funny. But, then again everard tells everybody that he's been to America, yet his passports say otherwise LOL ...I dare you to come to America, evertard. I dare you. Evertard knows he will be arrested at the airport if he comes here.

Yes, evertard, provide the evidence that we're lying. oh what's that? You can't? .. oh, I would love to get that little fat bastard Evertard in a court of law! I've challenged him to a polygraph on many occasions.

Oh and as for what I look like, I will post a video of myself soon (maybe after this weekend) ... just need to figure out how to do it LOL. And I will set up a new facebook page soon and you can see that I'm no honeytrap/ honeypot or catfish, etc. The admin of this forum has seen me on webcam and can verify what I look like.

Will post a video as soon as I can ... keep checking this forum ... and stay safe out there :)

and P.S. I doubt evertard even knows what guacamole is LOL let alone holy guacamole ... he's an idiot.
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Re: Truth Frequency Radio

Postby pmarie » Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:23 pm

Perhaps he should change T.W.A.T to T.W.I.T The Whiner In Truth movement ..... :roll:
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Re: Truth Frequency Radio

Postby Deb C » Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:41 pm

Ed Opperman needs to listen to this video:
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Re: Truth Frequency Radio

Postby admin » Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:24 pm

I posted Ed Opperman a link to your video on youtube. I hope he starst to take note that Everard could well be the bad guy here! He seems like quite a smart chap so I suspect he probably knows this by now and just wants to stay out of it.
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Re: Truth Frequency Radio

Postby Deb C » Tue May 13, 2014 12:49 am

Maybe Ed should investigate everard! Everard makes me sick!
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Re: Truth Frequency Radio

Postby Popeye » Mon May 26, 2014 4:50 pm

I was curious about Oppermans email tracing technique.

I'm no private dick but I guess that if someone sends an email, you can trace it by the email header (but not if it's gmail I have heard). Or you can be crafty and send the meailer an email from a different email and try to strike up some type of online Relationship and fish for information that way to find out who the person is and then it's easy to find out where they live etc.

Of course another tactic which is illegal would be just to hack the senders email account using some kind of password generator or such stuff or another way to send an email with a trojan hidden in it or key logger etc and get information that way.

It's not rocket science and some methods are very illegal anyway.

There are some reports about Opperman on ripoff report from disgrutled clients. ... d+opperman ... 36140.html

As for the fishy wishy washy bullshit spoted by Everard why would he want to trace someone because they sent an email.

is he really that nasty and agressive and vindictive?
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