Most required Laboratory Equipment

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Most required Laboratory Equipment

Postby arpitkakkar1 » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:26 am

The plant growth chamber is an electronic device that is mostly present is the biological laboratory. It is used to provide natural environment conditions so as to maximize the growth of plants. Plant growth chamber is also known as environmental chambers or terrestrial plant growth chambers. Most of the research laboratories are used this device to preserve plant species that are rarely found in the environment. The glass bead sterilizers and germination chamber are also a very useful device that used for biological testing. The glass bead sterilizer offers 450°F temperature, that is enough to kill viruses, viral spores, bacteria and different types of fungus. On the other hand, germination chamber provides optimal temperature and humidity so as to decrease the germination period of seeds and to increase the number of seeds that germinate. All these equipment are very useful in raising the standard of farming all over the world.
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