Everard Facebook Jail and more.

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Everard Facebook Jail and more.

Postby Popeye » Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:30 pm

Alledgedly Everard is in Facebook jail for 30 days , whatever that's supposed to mean. Accoding to some blurb on his Facbook page from other users he is and they feel so sorry for him too.

I wonder what he posted that made Facebook block his account for 30 days?

I found this article online about Facebook suspension and it doesn't look good if this paragraph is correct.

This is the order you usually get put in Facebook Jail for:
"24 hrs
48 hrs
72 hrs
3 days
7 days
14 days
30 days
Then if you just don't get the hint, Facebook will eventually permanently delete your profile.

Once FB begins throwing you in jail for WEEKS at a time....*then* the index in their computer system takes over and begins searching every post you've EVER made ANYWHERE on FB.

At this point your days are numbered because even if you 'behave' & refrain from naughty posts, when FB finds something..... and they will....you'll be in my shoes, lol.

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.p ... ook%20Jail

These Twoofa Woofa online radio shows are springing up with very knowledgable experts in their field of expertise of everything bullshit waffle garbage they can talk soundingly nodding knowingly to each other and at the same time saying nothing new or nothing that anyone with half a brain can see through as bullshit.

Anyway Everards been guesting on this waffle show. http://mainstreammediaexposed.com/ghost ... mysteries/

Karma is a bitch as some people say or maybe we are victims of our own selfishness and bad diets. Who knows but it's good to see that the National health Service exists to help everyone.

Kev Baker had a heart attack.

Heart attacks are caused by all sorts of things including stress and bad diet , etc etc etc and even healthy people have suffered heart attacks.

So if you would like to donate to Kev Bakers Gofundeme.com page. Towards Kev bakers medical funds as it says large on the Go Fund Me page.


Even though the last I heard, Scotland has a National free health service.

Now to that time of year again when Everard is touting for money and people to contact him direct by email.

He is asking people to pay approx $1,500 dollars each to have the pleasure of going on his latest expedition to Egypt.


Costs include hotel bills and Egyptian guides.

Now did he pay the Egyptian guides for his previous Egypt expedition?

Did he demand a woman withdraw money from her bank account from a cash machine when in Egypt as well?

In other words there are many professional organised guided tours to Egypt run by people who know a lot more facts about ancient Egypt than waffle waffle Everard who makes stuff up and gets facts from google etc he weaves into his occultistic nonsense.

Plus of course, the professional organised tours have a listed address and phone number and are tax and vat registered.

Everard does not pay tax and has no business address.

Plus he seems to have gone into hiding in France.

Avoiding the French tax man Chris?
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