Everard knows nothing about crop circles

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Everard knows nothing about crop circles

Postby Deb C » Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:54 pm

Everard posted this on his Facebook page yesterday:

Christopher Everard added 2 new photos.
Yesterday ·

ROMAN ERA earthenware bowl, dating from around 54 AD which I discovered in a private collection in the south of France - has a design of a Crop Circle and is in a region famed for regular UFO activity. Other bowls found in the same location have designs featuring the Cubensis family of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Potions were drunk at ceremonies from cups with peculiar and strange face designs which resemble the classic 'Grey Alien'. Drop me a message if you want to join one of my expeditions.

This is a crop circle plonked directly in top of an ancient Tumulus mound - dates back to 2,450 BC or more


The problem is once again Everard is NO researcher because if he actually ever bothered to research anything he would have known that the photo he shows at the bottom is a man-made circle! And how do I know this? Because I asked the person who made that circle! I will let the artist of that circle tell you himself.

But, once again, Everard shows what an imbecile and fraud he is. Oh, and according to the text of his Facebook post, he seems to be attempting to organize more "expeditions." I hope he doesn't mean "crop circle expeditions" because I think if he tried that he would be in for a rude awakening from actual circle artists. And they would expose his little attempt at yet another over-priced "expedition." That would be hilarious to film Everard attempting to give one of his "lectures on the hoof" inside a man-made crop circle and record the inordinate amount of BS spewing from his mouth HAHA And then have the police there to arrest Everard for his other crimes. Hmmmm, now that I think about it, I hope he does attempt an "expedition." Then he will be exposed and arrested in one go! HAHAHAHA
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