Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

When has he told a clear lie... when has he tried to create bullshit to get away with something or sound important or more intelligent than he is... and when does he brag and say he is the biggest and the best in the world. We want your stories here.

Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby Evus Raven » Mon May 09, 2016 12:31 pm

I posted this on Deb C's Youtube channel:

This guy is a Top-Draw Bullshitter. I've heard him on radio shows that probably go out mostly to The US and outer London. I say this because he comes out with things like he is a known UK/London journalist, director blah blah bullshit. Makes up stuff about London, I KNOW is bollocks. I know London VERY VERY WELL. Let's take the Big Ben live from London cobblers at the beginning of one of his radio spots; I hadn't realised Big Ben had moved to France. Could have sworn saw it a week ago, going through Westminster.

I subscribed to one of his old engima 'channels' (2012) and DID NOT receive my free DVD. The channel was changed half way through my subscription and my login no longer worked. Emailed them, no response. Seemed like they wanted me to subscribe again. Did I? Did I fuck.

The videos on his 'channel' were:
Shit quality, around VHS quality
Some were only 5 minutes long (including a few with some random Italian Guy talking about the Vatican)
Abysmally edited (I know I have a 1st in Media Technology), over stylised, audio levels inconsistent
The shooting on anything that was shot live was lower than high school quality

Feed Your Brain Magazine:
Not a magazine just a collection of sound-bites from the net fleshed out a bit and loaded with images.
No proper formatting or layout e.g. the golden ratio
Images and text run into each other making some of the 'articles' very hard to read
There is no flow to the writing style and it is very hard to follow as unlike professionally written articles & blogs etc. the writer guides the reader on either a chronological path or a logical one with a gradually ascending amount of information culminating in the big reveal or conclusion.

Save your money people. Go meet your friends for a drink or a meal. Use the money you would have spent on this shite and go have fun in the real world.

Everard's 'films' are just a combo of unprocessed archive footage (of one resolution, format & quality mixed with a bunch of others) and him talking to a camera on a tripod (Reflection in sunglasses (thanks Deb). There is ZERO production value and he could easily upload these videos for free and get paid to be a guest speaker and earn shit loads through sponsorship (see Alex Jones if you're into that), by doing things honestly; but that takes hard work and time. Ripping people off is much quicker and easier. The difference is Alex Jones actually makes films and actually sends them to people when they buy them, again if you're into that.

If you want something a bit more on the level, check UK Column News (no illuminati or satanist groups), just facts and practical ways to deal with things that are actually happening. Also Brian Gerrish seems like a pretty stand up guy. I have seen Bill Maloney & Brian Gerrish on the front-lines fighting child abuse (tackling politicians, at protests & facing down the police). I have NEVER seen Everard.

I'm not saying satanist groups and 'illuminati groups don't exist, but unless you can conjure demons/angels to fight them, there isn't much you can do having knowledge of them. If you want to do something about the 'system' it's simple. STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY. If you see your bank, utility company, coffee chain, internet based retailer, don't want to pay tax or treat their employees like shit, switch to another. Do your research, find out who the CEO's of companies donate money to politically. Once you stop giving them your money they will stop taking the piss. Money talks and bullshit makes imaginary films called Spiritworld 3.
Evus Raven
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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby ManfromAtlantis » Tue May 10, 2016 7:20 pm

Well said Evus, thanks for posting.
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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby ManfromAtlantis » Thu May 12, 2016 8:23 pm


Three more (so far) "new" emails. Well, two have no content but everything else looks the same and what is inside is really just
a shuffle of the last several emails. You know, the British Crown, Nazis, baby eaters, that stuff.


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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby ManfromAtlantis » Mon May 16, 2016 8:12 pm

More and more and more nothing.

I've lost track of how many identical emails Iffybottom is sending me.

I posted a photo of my email inbox showing three more of the ones he sent on May 11 and 12.
And then came another three from "enigma people".
These have the breaking news that the heads of Easter Island actually have bodies buried in the soil.

Funnily enough I recently received one of those reminders from Facebook showing what I had posted four (4!!) years ago on that day.

Yup, you guessed it, I had posted the news of them finding the bodies of the Easter Island heads. Some news network you got going there Everard.

The emails contains more of the same old tired stuff, surprise surprise.

British Monarchy, Hitler and Israel.

I tire.

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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby Deb C » Mon May 16, 2016 10:28 pm

Thank you so much ManFromAtlantis for keeping us updated on Everard's constant email spew. I wonder if Everard knows how desperate he looks.
Deb C
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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby ManfromAtlantis » Fri May 20, 2016 6:20 pm

I just received another email identical to the last post.

Easter Island heads/bodies, British Monarchy, Hitler and the sound waves thing.

Obviously some part of his mind is making him send all these non-news emails over and over again just to
spite him. Mental issues probably. How else could anyone explain this?

I will add the photo of the new repeat email, showing the date sent/received, to the last post's link which I am repeat-placing here:

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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby ManfromAtlantis » Thu May 26, 2016 6:17 pm

Yes! it's that time again when Everard spews more chunks and spare change from the heart of his bottom.

This email came twice so far. One headlined as "Weird stuff which really happened"
and also as "They are keeping the secret of solar energy from you"

Both are identical in content.

More boring shit. "Unlocking the highest secrets". "Green men", from the sea, of all places. More American college secret societies. What's new.

The fucking Panama Papers. Fuck's sake. Cameron's income tax, yet again. More American 50s government "files". Yeah, right, Everard has been watching the documentary channels on TV again.

Flying cars in his new "FUTURESPEED series" How thrilling. Not. And about ten Enigma Tv icons and advertisements.

Tune in next week when Everard gets a Pulitzer Prize for plagiarism.

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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby ManfromAtlantis » Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:10 pm

From May 26 to today, June 16, Everard has rebounded with an almighty effort.

Alright, I'm joking. Have a look at the small print under one of the uploads. Oh, my god.

"Enigma Foundation for the Visual Arts".

Googling this only brings up Warhol's "Foundation for the Visual Arts".

Maybe Everard meant to write Visual Arse?

He also claims that the Enigma Channel is now an ISP provider with "safe harbour protection". I shudder to think.

Again, Google to your heart's content and find nothing about his ISP status. Jesus, can you imagine linking your computer to this prick's computer in any way imaginable?
I'd burn my computer.

Anyways, at least we didn't get to see the Easter Island stuff yet again. For small mercies we are thankful.

He has invented a new "coming soon" image. That will bring a laugh to everyone. The only thing coming soon will be justice for those this cvnt has robbed from.

There is a link for yet another new "movie" about the Masons. "Masters of the Sun". Click that link at your own risk.

How the fuck can this bastard continue to advertise imaginary new movies when he hasn't finished the one we paid for five years ago? Spiritworld 3.

As always, slap on the makeup and plough through the usual Illuminati/politics/secrets/voodoo tired old bullshit, one more time.

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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby ManfromAtlantis » Thu Jun 23, 2016 7:12 pm

Wow, just one email arrived here yesterday from Mr. Stealer.
I wonder why he stopped sending five, six or more of the same ones each time.

You will laugh when you read him saying thank you to all those who watch his EnigmaTV bullshit AND when he then turns and
also thanks the 340,000 people who visited his "news blog" in the last week.

Isn't that amazing? He claims 340,000 came to look at his imaginary "news blog" in one week yet his YouTube page is like a ghost town.

How come the link from your "news blog" goes directly to an advert for your "coming soon", "Masters of the Sun" thing?

And look! a new profile photo. Making sure to lean well forward to avoid his three chins colliding on his neck.

Deja Vu will engulf you while looking at this email. We've seen everything before in older emails.

The royal children salute, the Nazi/EU/Financial corporate implied connection. Blah di blah.

I also laughed when uploading the screen shots because of the ad Photobucket were running beside the images.

"Make $650,000 a year from home just four hours per day."
A perfect twin scam beside this prick.

Late Edit: I just uploaded a snapshot of my email inbox showing a total of four identical emails in this spew.

Please note that these are to the exact same address. Why he sends out four of the same each time we do not know.

Enjoy... http://s1318.photobucket.com/user/stn33538/library/Everard%20June%2022%202016
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Re: Everard's (EnigmaTV) Email Spew...

Postby ManfromAtlantis » Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:56 pm

Have you heard? It's all over the TV and Radio. The internet actually melted and spaced-out for four hours today because of it.

What is it?

Everard's "Secret State" ,"film" won Britain the Brexit vote!

He says so in the latest email spew.

"The film which won Brexit" is the main line of his new emails. (three so far)

Surely you have all heard about this "film" already? Non?

Me neither.

What a fucking childish pathetic prick.

And he claims "560,000 people" visited his website last week.

Well, I have two .com websites running for a few years now and for those who don't know, when you have your own websites you get lots and lots of statistics, in particluar
showing how many views and from where your traffic originates from. It is a very simple matter to snap a shot of the stats and post them to show how popular your site is.

But not with Everard. No, he just picks a number and makes a claim. 560,000 a week to his website but hardly anybody visits his YouTube page. Makes sense, right?

As far as I can see, all he has done with this latest email spew is increase the number of claimed viewers to his website, claimed the Brexit victory and simply
sent the last emails once again. If you can spot a difference then you have better sight than me.

I actually went so far as to include today's date in the upper right-hand corner of my Mac to prove that this isn't last week's email all over again from me trying to make him look a fool.

Nearly forgot; I found an old thing about SpiritWorld 3 and posted two grabs to this link. It is from 2012. The prick was still making it (so he said) about three months ago.

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