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David Icke "Unmasking a Messiah"

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:03 pm
by Popeye
David Icke and The Peoples Voice.

Set up to bring you free news from around the world that the mainstream media hid or refused to broadcats.

Which rapidly turned into a boring bullshit channel.

With in my view some guests who are nothing more than propaganda merchants and the same old stuff that is readily available on mainstream media, radio chat shows and youtube and alternative tv stations and web channels.

A lazy effort at a web TV channel while asking people constantly to give money.

Alledgedly nearly half a million pounds was donated and this channel has gone bankrupt.

Some people are alledging a fraud and accusing icke of being nothing more than a conman and bullshit merchant who makes money from selling rubbish to the gullible and also discreditng real issues that arise by linking his reptilian and other bullshit to credible stories that are discredited by being linked to his garbage spiel.

Icke who tells everyone he knows who runs the world and why and everything that ha sgone on in the past and includes he knows who runs things from the moon too and his matrix universe.

Was not bright enough or smart enough to see what was happening at the peoples voice and that he would be told to f**k off too.

Is he a smart operator making money from selling conspiracy garbage to the gullible and his being told to f**k from the peoples voice TPV just an act or has he really been so out of touch that he got involved with this set up which raised hundreds of thousands to let it be bankrupt and dumped by his loyal business partner and webmaster?

Sonia Poulton is making a documentary called "Unmasking the Messiah" ... a-messiah/ ... EGckXZEvbw

This site has the complete timeline of TPV on it and things that happened.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau is investigating The People’s Voice. ... tabatabai/


There are other allegations and rumours going round the net etc about icke and his past etc and will he be exposed as a conman or an egotistical man with a messiah complex or something else?

This TPV Peoples Voice situation looks like it could be the end of Ickes credibility to many who blindly followed everything he said sold and promoted.

Many people are waking up to the fact that these so called truth gurus are in it for their ego and the money.

Re: David Icke "Unmasking a Messiah"

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:07 pm
by Popeye
"those involved who must have been placed there to arse the whole thing up, deliberately. Not only that, steal all David’s goodwill, steal thousands, possibly millions in ongoing direct debit donations how much, we don’t know…of peoples donations, steal by selling off equipment less than a year after launch!! It was always meant to be set up rip everyone off blind and fuck off with all the spoils QUICKLY." ... ke-re-tpv/

Wont be long before some peoples houses and offices are raided by SFO. :shock:

Re: David Icke "Unmasking a Messiah"

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:24 pm
by Popeye
Was Sean Adl Tabatai on coke when he wrote this? ... -donators/

Sean “Guardian of the ethos” Adl-Tabatabai Responds to the Donators

September 10, 2014SilvaRizla

Yes folks, the below is 100% real. I have forwarded the original on to Sonia Poulton who wanted to verify its validity, I’m sure she will be able to do so over the coming days if she hasn’t already.

Make of it what you will, I know what I think.

Ok, let me answer these first questions one by one:

Why was the company set up as Ltd? In April 2013 the ADL commissioned me to set-up a non-independent, biased, wholly profit making entity answerable only to its lizard overlord masters. Obviously the only way to do this was to set-up a profit-making machine – a Limited company if you will – and convince David that nothing else would work. During one of my many visits to David between April and June 2013 where I filmed the original Indiegogo video on my Iphone 5 I implanted a microchip into David’s arm. This microchip ensured the breakdown of David’s senses, his logic, and his emotions merely months after launching the station. It also enabled me to subliminally send him electronic messages to “set-up a private limited company and to make ME (sean) a joint shareholder” and for him to “quit as Director before we even began broadcasting”…. Well, I don’t need to tell you that that worked and all the other options (charities, companies limited by guarantee, non profits, etc.) went out the window. Phew!

What happened to the US branch? In August 2013 myself and other members of the team famously visited the United States in order to give the ADL and CIA a briefing on our mission so far. During this visit I was met by my handler (now my husband) and it was decided that later in the year my handler would visit the UK in order to up the ante to ensure the downfall of the company. While we were there an officer from the MK Ultra division in the CIA introduced us to a guy called Matthew Smith. Matthew was and still is a high ranking Hollywood gay elite Illuminati member. He suggested that we spend £200,000 on unnecessary trips to and from the U.S. in order to ensure the company’s financial failure. At this stage the microchip implanted in David’s arm wasn’t yet doing the job 100% of destroying him. He’s a tough nut. David still had some of his wits about him. Therefore we had to use the premise that we’d have a “USA arm” in order to convince him to agree to this obviously ludicrous plan (which he later realized was ludicrous and he subsequently threw a big tantrum in the office and told them all to leave)As I understand the groundwork was done, but we didn’t receive it. Why? Psi-ops (see above)

There are also great concerns over the validity of the accounts posted by TPV on its own website. For a start, it is quite clear that the two accounts posted did not tally up and you’ve removed them from TPV’s website. You have since fired the bookkeeper. How do you respond?

We originally published accounts on the TPV website as Sonia was demanding that we do so. For your information (and not many people realise this) Sonia is MI5 and she actually works directly for me as part of my team. So the “demanding to see the accounts” was a clever ploy by me (I’m actually really very clever) to publish inaccurate accounts on the website. The ploy was so clever many people are still wondering what the purpose of it was! I often lay in bed at night wondering the very same thing! Now THAT’S genius.

Many donators were promised clothing that was manufactured by Fear & Clothing, a company active in the truth scene, and viewed by many as ethical with an ethos mirroring that of TPV. The clothing was not produced by Fear & Clothing and no mention of this (as far as I can tell) was made to those expecting to receive F&C goods for their donations. What they got instead, were wares produced by Gildan Activewear. Gildan Activeware are a company with a proven history and are not one that many of your donators (myself included) would wish to be associated with. Instead of receiving F&C’s ethically produced designs, Gildan Activeware simply recreated his work and donators received that instead. Why?

I cannot comment on this as this was organised by another member of the team. What I can say is that you should study the logo really closely.

There were many initial teething problems, ranging from advertising, to fund raising, to technical glitches, to security. In each case, professional volunteers had offered their services by way of support to TPV and you ignored the vast majority of these offers. You also ignored many donators who had feedback, suggestions, and questions. You ignored the very people, The People’s Voice was supposedly intended to represent. Not terribly in line with the stations ethos I would say.

If it was in line with the ethos then I wouldn’t have been able to steer it in the direction I did. Technical glitches occurred because, at 3am in the morning, I would go into the gallery (or “control room” for our American readers) and pull a bunch of wires out and throw hot tea at things whilst dancing naked under the moonlight shining into the room through the window.

The host of WTF was Jana Dowling. Jana went on to write for the Daily Mail of all papers. It is well known in the truth circles that the views of the Daily Mail are not compatible with most people in the truth scene. This casts further doubt on whether TPV truly is a voice for the alternative. I also seem to recall that you, the director of an alternative TV station gave an interview on the BBC regarding your marriage to Mr Treadway, how terribly mainstream of you. You also gave Mr Treadway a voice on the station, and it is quite clear, he has neither the same values nor understanding as your now incredibly small audience.

You are 100% correct. The mainstream is my home. My husband is my handler. The daily mail is my bible.

As you are aware, David Icke has stated that he was told that TPV no longer requires his input and he should stop interfering. He feels that the station has lost its way. David has told me publicly that TPV was left in your name as a custodian. How do you respond to this?

I respond by saying that he got out of TPV at a very fortunate time! Good on him!

It has also become apparent that TPV has entered in to a voluntary arrangement, which means the company is in debt. Please do explain… How it is that £500,000.00 can be squandered so quickly as to leave the company in debt? How much debt, and to whom? Who are the creditors?

You can write to Sonia Poulton. I believe she knows the ins and outs of TPV’s finances.

You also seem to have set up TPV Inc in the US. How is it possible that a company director who was never paid and whose company is so hard up to require a CVA, can start a TV station from scratch in the US?

It’s simple. You simply get a big team of volunteers together and create a giant schedule full of ambitious ideas. You set yourself a really unrealistic deadline to launch and then you shout loudly at people or fire them when it doesn’t work out.

How did you propose to run a fully functioning television station without significant advertising revenue?

Well, advertisers would approach us via the fantastic advertising team David had assembled and I would ask the fantastically talented advertising team members things such as “have they got a moon in Uranus?” and “have they done a non compliance dance?” which would be met by blank stares and confusion (David loves a good moon in Uranus).

Why were you so unsuccessful in attracting this revenue? Why is it that the blogger Earthlinggb states that (a) not enough attention went into ‘sales’, and (b) good ideas proposed by him were completely dismissed? One could understand this if TPV had managed to generate significant income from advertising, or develop stable revenue streams, but in fact the overwhelming majority of money contributed to the stations, according to your own figures, came from private contributions.

I was all for the idea of having British Airways sponsor us as Earthlinggb suggested during one of the advertising teams more genius moments. The idea never took off though.

This demonstrates that there was huge support for TPV from day one, or at least the concept behind it, yet little or nothing was done to either galvanise this support, or make use of the energy, skills and knowledge of the people that offered energy and support, both physical and financial. It has even been quite strongly implied that TPV failed due to a lack of public support! You do, presumably, realise that this is both ridiculous and deeply hypocritical? How did you expect to survive on donations alone? Why wasn’t more effort put into attracting advertising? Why did you fail to attract any (or if you insist on being pedantic, nowhere near enough to stay afloat)?

Please don’t respond by stating that you had no idea of this commercial imperative. It should be obvious to anyone even proposing to set up a television station, let alone actually have the audacity to ask the public to fund it, that such a venture cannot survive on donations alone, or even primarily. It must attract financial support. How long did you think people were going to go on working as volunteers for you?

FEAR kept those volunteers with us for as long as possible. Saying things to them like “you DO want your grandkids to live in a nice world full of love and smiles and pink rainbows don’t you? THEN GET TO WORK ASSHOLE” really did work and that was our human resources policy when it came to the majority of the staff. I took my skills as webmaster and applied them here.

The BBC pays dozens of producers a six-figure salary. While no-one would expect a small-scale operation to pay money such as this, the chances of holding on to anyone talented if you can’t actually pay them anything is pretty remote. In order to pay them, you need to generate revenue, and you cannot generate this from contributions from people of modest means. I would have thought this was quite obvious.

I was the only person there on a 6-figure salary.

If you didn’t foresee this scenario, let me just point out that it was foreseen by people with little or no direct media experience, and absolutely no experience whatsoever of running a TV channel. You can read this being predicted here: ... tml#130415 ... tml#130605

Those prediction are eerily accurate. I would welcome any of those people who made those predictions to work with me in the U.S.

How was it that people with little experience of the media were able to predict this, but people who felt confident enough to set up a television channel were unable to predict it?

People who work in the media are cocaine addicts. This clouds their judgement massively.

Given that TPV has been almost entirely funded by contributions, do you think the people who contributed £500,000 would be happy with its output today; ie. nothing other than repeats and no website updates since 12th June, 2014? For your information, I’m pretty sure that they won’t be!

I’ll try and make amends.

Standing by the supposed ethos of the station, at minimum you owe the people that you claim to represent an explanation to all of the points raised here. We donated somewhere in the region of half a million pounds for transparency and we’ve received the opposite. We feel cheated by you Mr Adl-Tabatabai, and we hold you accountable. Do the decent thing and explain yourself.

I hope I have with the above. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to post them online whereby my team of media luvvies will read them and gossip about them over extravagant lunches!

Re: David Icke "Unmasking a Messiah"

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 10:07 pm
by Deb C
This entire so-called "truth" movement needs to be investigated!

Re: David Icke "Unmasking a Messiah"

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:37 am
by kalsaithrak
I remember hearing about TPV on an interview with one of their DJ's (Mark Devlin I think). From what I remember, since I can't find which interview it was, he mentioned the whole thing was corrupt from the start. I think I'll be looking more into David Icke too at some point but I never really took him seriously as a danger. Not like Everard clearly is anyhow.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai isn't even hiding that he's a BS merchant. His website is basically an alternative tabloid rag. That rant he went on just goes to show his true colours (and why you should stay off the sauce when you're bragging about getting one over on a fellow BS merchant).

Here's one more link since a lot of these have been taken down now.

It gives a little info into some of the expenses claimed.

Oh, since we're on the topic of leaders, here's a little about Russell Pine AKA: Jordan Maxwell, one of the outspoken supporters of the Sovereign Citizen movement.

Money comes first. Truth comes later..

Re: David Icke "Unmasking a Messiah"

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:07 pm
by Popeye
Icke is a bullshitter and has been ever since he was on Wogan years ago procliming to be the second coming and Christ.

It's easy for anyone with some resources as in financial to operate with other people to create a following where the people working together manipulate blogs forums and venues proclamining these so called truth gurus are the real deal and attacking anyone who says, it's just plagiarised stuff given a new age truth guru twist.

That is basically what the truth movement is.

There are so many crooks liars abusers etc in this so called truth movement that if anyone has ever wondered why haven't some of these people exposed Everard for what he is or warn people about him.

The answer is simple. It's because most of them have something to hide themselves.

Re: David Icke "Unmasking a Messiah"

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:46 pm
by Mccormick
Popeye wrote:Icke is a bullshitter and has been ever since he was on Wogan years ago procliming to be the second coming and Christ.

It's easy for anyone with some resources as in financial to operate with other people to create a following where the people working together manipulate blogs forums and venues proclamining these so called truth gurus are the real deal and attacking anyone who says, it's just plagiarised stuff given a new age truth guru twist.

That is basically what the truth movement is.

There are so many crooks liars abusers etc in this so called truth movement that if anyone has ever wondered why haven't some of these people exposed Everard for what he is or warn people about him.

The answer is simple. It's because most of them have something to hide themselves.

Well of course. They're all a bunch of snake oil salesmen and you can't expect any of them to 'out' someone else from the community. It doesn't work like that.