Bad reviews for Everards work.

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Bad reviews for Everards work.

Postby admin » Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:37 pm

I read this review posted on the "crop circle connector" website many years ago... so nothing to do with us... guvnor! It is worthy of how anti they are to his editing skills even back then.

Crop Circle Update 1999

by Chris Everard, 1999

Three hours of video awaits you, which from our point of view, is too long to keep anybody's attention. Although the cover looks very professional, the video itself is not. The editing of especially the interviews is poorly done. The video does contain a very interesting analysis of the notorious Oliver's Castle footage, carried out by Chris himself. But although his conclusions are interesting and uplifting, the analysis itself takes too long, which turns a brilliant subject into a boring exercise. A very positive aspect is the enormous amount of beautiful aerial stills, shot mainly by Steve Alexander. But even though it's lovely to watch them pass your screen, this video is definitely not a recommendation.
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