Everard discovered Jesus's crucifix in France. NOT

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Everard discovered Jesus's crucifix in France. NOT

Postby Popeye » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:10 pm

Everard has posted some videos on Youtube which he promotes on his Facebook page as being exclusive bla bla bla etc etc.

I don't know how gullible he thinks people are but his latest effort he says he has discovered an ancient crucifix and also ancient nails used by Romans. Which he shows in his video.

It's around 10 mins into this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORCJOtwse0A

Not ancient and not Roman and not a crucifix.

The video shows old wooden house beams as used across France in houses and local churches that have been eaten away by termites and wood beetles.

The beams look to be no more than two hundred years old and the nails look 19th century. Certainly nothing in his video dates back to Roman times.

This is just another example of Everards bad research in reality bullshit where he promotes himself as discovering things that do not exist.

What was it on one of his Facebook posts, something like ancient aliens visited earth and used humans to harvest cannabis for them?
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Re: Everard discovered Jesus's crucifix in France. NOT

Postby Deb C » Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:11 pm

So, Everard is now claiming that he has discovered "what can be described as one of the most important and most ancient of relics of Christendom that's in Europe." That's a quote from the fat fraud himself! That's a big claim, Everfraud! And once again he has NOTHING to back up his claims ... except his most recent YouTube video. I would think that a 'find" of the magnitude he claims would be internationally news worthy, wouldn't you? Everard once again is relying on his gullible brainwashed followers to believe every word he says and never question him on anything!

Hmmm, notice in his Facebook post where Everard says that backgrounds can be changed. Well, he should know! Notice the glitch in his latest video where the background meets his right shoulder. Also notice the glitch in the video whenever he moves his right hand. (see screenshots below) Also notice the two different light sources when Everard is talking to the camera. And most probably, NO ONE is behind that camera. Everard films himself with his hobbiest camera on a rickety tripod. I've seen him do this, he did this at his "Film Camp" too, and when he wears sunglasses in other videos you can clearly see in the reflection that NO ONE IS BEHIND THE CAMERA! At "Film Camp" he also told people that he fakes all the names of people on the credits to make it seem like he has people working for him. All the names on his DVD credits are fictitious!

Screen shots of the "glitch" below. And notice the light sources. He's obviously NOT outside!

He thinks his followers are stupid and will believe anything he tells them. He is a charlatan! He throws together a video once in a while, makes a few posts on Facebook that makes it appear as though he's "investigating" something (meanwhile it's usually information stolen from somebody else. He's using the "truth" movement as a cover for his other shady "business."

Oh, AND his "research" is ONCE AGAIN piss poor. He says in the video that "the persecution of Christians died out in the 4th century A.D." ... really, Everfraud? I think Everard needs a lesson in basic history!

Everard relies on the fact that most of his followers are lazy, gullible, and stupid.
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