Real and Fake names - Addresses and Passport

Have you ever paid for something and not got it. This section is for you.

Re: Real and Fake names - Addresses and Passport

Postby Popeye » Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:23 pm

Deb C wrote:As far as I know, everard has no SIRET number. I never heard him mention one. And, apparently Evertard knows a lot about tax evasion and tax avoidance. He has books about tax havens, etc all over his house. Seems he lies and tells everybody he has this big library, but he hardly has any books. But he does have books about tax havens. Hmmmm

everard's only concern is getting bank accounts in other countries using other people's addresses, etc. ... and then trying to stick the other people with the taxes after he's wire transferred all the money to himself. he's a scumbag!

It could be his latest reading up on the subject of tax evasion in order to promote himself as some guru tax adviser.

That way he can come up with a few well known ponzi style quotes to lure rich people with spare cash to hide into his web and tell them that he has a tax haven on the moon where he puts their cash into tin cans disguised as moon rocks and fires them onto the moon where the money stays hidden from the tax man, and they buy it. All the time he is spending their money and hiding it away in some place where he could actually have a secret bank account in his real name.

Then when they ask for their money back he tells them that there was no agreement to return them their money but he invested it in Everard Oil wells which turned out to be empty.

So tough luck suckers, shame you didn't see the con mans motives from the start.

It could all end badly one day.

Prison or con the wrong people and end up an enigma.
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Re: Real and Fake names - Addresses and Passport

Postby Popeye » Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:32 pm

admin wrote:Seeing as a lot of people have been connect by Mr Everard - here are his previous and current addresses for you to send legal writs, summonses or demands for situations to be resolved.

Aliases (a.k.a. Christopher Everard, Christopher Everard-Jurquet, Christopher Lorne Everard) - we suspect Lorne is his real middle name as its on his passport.
Date of Birth - May 27, 1964

His address in the South of France:
(he's known at the local post there in Vias as "Mr. Christopher")
Chris Everard
La Bennague

Chris Everard drives his vehicles illegally. He has no insurance, no driver's license and the number plates are still registered to the previous owner:
Range Rover   YL02 OWV
Jaguar   Y971DDU

Chris Everard is using a FALSE National Identification Number for the UK: NB85 49 35B

French phone number (cell phone) : 00 33 6 66 45 72 67

he also has a UK phone number: +447505548031

He has told me in May 2012 that he had a Spanish phone, but refused to give me the number

Rental house in Spain (he rented through a rental agency named "Easy Sitges") He fled Spain and left the landlord with unpaid rent, damages and filth:

Via Lactia 39
Las Colinas
Olivella 08818

He also used this mailing address in Spain:

He is using this address on his wire transfer/bank info to HSBC bank:
20 Edgebury
United Kingdom

He is now using this address for one of his "businesses"
Feed Your Brain Magazine
FYB - Our new Office at Level 1I16
McDougall Street

Facebook: ... ts&fref=ts

email: (but, he rarely uses email)

other phone numbers re:
+44 7941791608 (mobile)
+44 (208) 8502109

additional contact info found on the internet:

additional info on everard:

old Address
449 Av Del La Gare, 3 Maple Park, Essex Rd
Baraqueville, Aveyron 12160 FRANCE

Enigma Motion Pictures

+44 7941791608

old london address found on internet Feb. 27, 2014:

The Enigma Channel
163 Churchbury Road
London SE9 5JB ... NiNWM4OTI=

la bennague
34450 Vias

Téléphone :
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