Enigma TV is down and been down for a while

Have you ever paid for something and not got it. This section is for you.

Enigma TV is down and been down for a while

Postby admin » Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:57 pm


The website http://www.enigmatv.com is accepting sign ups and payments from people, however when you try to log in you see the following message...

"You’re like one of those EARLY BIRD kinda people! Our new season of TV Shows & Documentaries aren’t quite ready yet. While we get it ready, you can stroll on through & watch our trailer*."

But hang on the channel hasnt been up since before Xmas 2013... and just how long do people have to wait for this 24/7 "Tv station" which says it "broadcasts" to be there.

Well lets be serious, we know this isnt a TV station... It never had enough clout to earn itself that title. It is run by 1 man in his house and although he pretends he has staff and legal teams and press offices etc etc... its all lies. This "channels"'s broadcast range is across the internet and to only a few people who have ever visited it... and that probably isnt many. Fewer still will have paid to get its offerings... but what are those offerings? Well it certainly isnt a 5000 strong title list of shows to watch... it normally revolves around the 11 docus he has produced and some content he has poached off youtube.

Even though he moans about everyone else nicking his docus the point is, is this exactly what Eveard does with his TV channel?

He has never produced a listing guide to show you what is on and at what time so how can someone new to the egigmatv experience know if the channel is very good or a pile of steaming llama droppings. Well only one way... YOU PAY NOW BITCH! Then can you actually in your lifetime imagine being given a refund by Evarard if you decide the llama droppings were not to your liking. Good luck with that one. Even his season trailer is nothing but Enigma TV logos and nothing of what shows are on or coming up. NADA.

So what exactly is Engima TV - and put the "TV" bit to one side, what the Fudgedy Doo Dah is Enigma Motion Pictures? What have they ever done apart from one trailer. Apparent theres a channel called Enigma X for the adults amongst you.... and then you have Enigma Radio...

My question is this.

or is it a con trick to get some money out of you, which you can forget ever getting back because Mr Tard lives deep in France and blocks facebook people who complain to him etc etc.

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Re: Enigma TV is down and been down for a while

Postby admin » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:11 pm

And just incase you think any of the above is unfair... do a google search on the words "EnigmaTV reviews" and see how much nasty stuff comes up.

One chat on David Ickes forums had this to say. http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12415

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I have the enigma tv account as well ,but it has been down now for ages , got an email saying it would be back online soon and that there was to be a free month or something similar .Then i saw that £20 had been taken from my bank to cover this years subscription.I emailed them and had nothing back at all, posted on here but no response from anyone ,so thanks for adding this , i had nothing but trouble while i had the online account going , always saying i had given my details to someone else to use so they wouldnt let me access it half of the time .Steer well clear is my advice im cancelling the standing order make sure the dodgey bastards dont take anything else . They ought to leave the g out of the title Capital G !

So some people back in 2007 were saying money was being automatically taken out of their bank accounts on Direct Debit and there had not even been any service for some months!

So how far does this rabbit hole go. Can anyone tell us how much OUTAGE of SERVICE there has been on enigmatv...

Has there ever been any service since 2007?

Please let us know.
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Re: Enigma TV is down and been down for a while

Postby Popeye » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:49 am

I've no idea about his Enema TV online or any of his other websites and blogs all advertising his services and wares.

I have heard rumours and allegations that if someone visits his sites, they put spyware on their computer.

I don't know if this is true but anythings possible.
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