Website uses fraudulent sales terms

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Website uses fraudulent sales terms

Postby admin » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:37 pm


On the website he says you subscription is a donation. I don't think in law you can do that - its either a subscription or a donation. it cant be both because if its a donation he is then not obligated to give you anything, whereas if its a subscription he is obligated to give you something.

So clearly he is trying to use the term donation to get himself out of any obligation to actually supply you with ANYTHING at all.

I would say the fact that he also uses the term subscription means you could take him to court over false description if you don't get the products or services you paid for!

Also he is such an ass hole he cant even make his mind up on the same page if he's asking you for £19 for 1 year subs or £29.99

See page here:


or for £39.99 you can get a Gold account which gives you acces sto unknown some "stuffs" that nobody else can get.... honestly... lots of stuff - loads of it that nobody else can see... Sure we believe you! NOT!!!


NEXT he says he is a (non profit) FOUNDATION - (thats what foundation means - non-profit) and yet to be a Foundation in most countries you have to register yourself as this is considered a form of Charity organisation. He has NO registration we know of so is RUNNING AN ILLEGAL CHARITY!!!

Also note he says that his foundation is for the Arts and Sciences. Errrm. Sciences???? What has this man got to do with Science!!!????? He is clearly smoking too much weed and sniffing his own butt fumes and getting high off both.


see here for the Wiki definition and legal requirements brief for what a Foundation is. Does this sound like Mr Everard? Does it sound like he is registered... hell no because in most countries its a requirement under LAW to state your registration code details and numbers in ANY public documentation. So he's running a fraud business just on this level!

see the wiki here:
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