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Channel is HD and BluRay Quality... NOT!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:23 pm
by admin
There are claims on the website that the videos are HD. However I find it hard to believe they are since every video I have ever seen coming from Everard is barely SD (Standard DEF) quality with very badly compressed footage with colour banding and screwed up black levels. As a video editor this reeks of someone just pulling clips from internet sources and re-editing them and not even doing a very good job at that.

His latest production "WOW" which is supposed to be shot in 9k 4k 1k and 3d (so he claims)... just looks like a bunch of crap youtube clips again - shot with the most shaky quadcopter footage ever. There is fuck all WOW about it, excuse my french. Quadcopters can produce silky smooth Steadicam like shots but instead he has gone for the most amateur "Blairwitch" type shots you can imagine. Vomit-cam - IE makes you want to be sick watching it... more Blurggggh into your popcorn than Wow. Or perhaps WOW ive just barfed into my popcorn - thats the effect he was going for?

SO my question here is has anyone seen any HD material on his site which is streamable - because it certianly isnt coming from him.

What I have seen in the way of trailers also jerks when you are watching even with buffering and caching of video. So is this channel just a heap of dung calling itself HD/Blu-ray.

Opinions or experience please.