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General rules

Postby admin » Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:24 pm

We allow people to use fake ID on this site so that they can talk freely without fear of what Everard will get up to in trying to threaten or harrass them.

We do monitor posts here and reserve the right to delete them if they are obscene or contain no relavant links or adverts.

We suggest you read the forum threads and try and find relevant sections to post into before creating a brand new thread unless you think it is really necessary. We may put your conversation details into another relevant thread if we feel there is no need for 2 threads on much the same material.

Please try not to fight with each other... we reserve the right to temporaily block or ban people if thinsg get out of hand.

Please listen to what moderators tell you and try and work with them. A Moderators word is final.
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